Amazon Finance Grad Scheme Telephone Interview


Has anyone completed the finance grad scheme telephone interview for Amazon? If so any chance you could share any info on it, i.e what questions were asked?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks


hello joe,
mine is on friday… could you please let me know what questions they asked you?
i cant find any help on what they ask from online blogs yet :frowning:


Hi Marj, how did it went? What had they asked? Will soooooooo greatly appreciate your reply! x


Hey… Typical competency question…
The tricky one I remember was:
What technical skills can you bring to amazon
What non-technical skills can you bring to amazon

Other than that.the competency asked was about a time when you had to make a decision and respond quickly to it…

That’s all I remember :slight_smile:


Did anybody have any luck?


I have recently applied for a operations management role in amazon and was asked to reply with few motivational questions did you guys did that too, Any specific tips or is it general process…


I have telephone interview scheduled in few days would really appreciated if you can share your telephone questions/experiences with me. Any luck with Amazon offers? Please feel to provide any valuable tips.



Hey Valentino,

how long did it take for them to get back to you after the online tests?


Any info regarding telephone interview questions would be of great help.

Good question, 'I just realised that i havent given any exam yet except few motivational questions, my scheme not for finance.


ahh ok, I know that this is their 2nd round of recruitment for Finance, my friend was offered a job in their September/December recruitment cycle.


Any feedback on the tele interview yet?

How long is it? 30-40mins?



I have a telephone interview next week. That’s what the email said: “The call will take approximately 20 minutes and you should come prepared to talk about your experiences in both work and education and why you feel you’re a good fit for this position. It may be a good idea to familiarize yourself with our mission, values and principles, all of which you will find on the careers homepage on any of our EU websites.”
Can someone who has already had his/her interview share something more specific about the questions?



I have an Assessment Centre coming up on next Wednesday at Amazon for Finance graduate scheme, so I was wondering has anyone been to the assessment centre in Amazon or going to attend? It would be nice if anyone has any advice or information to share. Any help is highly appreciated.




I don’t think there will be much information out there as apparently this finance scheme is new and different from their other finance schemes. I have mine the day after yours… Let me know how it is :slight_smile:


Hi, how did your assessment centres go?
I have a phone interview on Monday.
I have been told the format will be: personal background, motivation for the role and Amazon, and questions about the projects you have worked on in the last few years…also maybe a maths or business question


Hi, I had my telephone interview for Operations programme last week.
It was all competency based questions, largely on leadership skills and situations at work.
Some motivational questions also.

Feedback was next day - got through to next stage.



I’ve just completed the Undergraduate Placement Telephone Interview.
The questions I was asked (that I remember) were; why did you choose your A level subjects? Why did you choose your university and course? what interested you in your role at Amazon and why Amazon? How do you measure you success? What was your greatest success? Describe a time when you work within a team, and how you went about to achieve your goals? Describe a time when you worked under pressure and how you dealt with it?

Hope this helps you.


My questions were, from what I can remember…
Why the scheme?
Why Amazon?
Why Amazon as an employer?
Why Finance and not Law
Case study (business related, advising a manager)
When you had to solve a problem?
When you had to work in a team to meet an objective?
When you had to challenge the status quo?
When your enthusiasm hindered your progress within a group? (This was a hard one I thought)
What are your technical skills like, can you use Excel? Any other programs?


Has anyone got any tips for the assessment centre?