Amazon E-Commerce Graduate Programme




Could anybody shed any light on the Assessment Centre format for this programme and what questions you were asked more or less?



Hi just wondering if you have been to the assessment centre for the Amazon e commerce grad scheme yet?

I have mine tomorrow and just wondering if you have any advice/pointers?

How did yours go? Have you heard back?

Thanks in advance!!


Hi! I had mine a couple weeks ago. It started off with a group exercise, which was pretty standard. Don’t shoot down people’s ideas immediately, try to make logical points and relate them to the Leadership Principles. The case study was a grueling experience for me, but again demonstrate Leadership principles, especially Dive Deep so ask questions and ask for more data/info than simply working with what you are given. The interviews are competency based e.g. A time you had to motivate a team member. Be articulate in your interviews and be honest. Use the STAR approach for competencies. Be friendly, ask questions and be enthusiastic about the role.