Am i too late to get a graduate job this year ?


i am an international student and am really concerned . Am i late this year?


No. You are too late for the competitive/sexy jobs, but I know for a fact there’s positions in PwC audit regional offices (eg Leeds). If successful, PwC will also sponsor your visa application. I’m sure other Big 4 firms also have openings still.


Thanks, i see. By the way are those competitive jobs more difficult to get in than the Big 4?


The big 4 are highly competitive jobs.


Well, considering you posted in the KPMG section, you’re obviously interested in the Big4. It’s safe to say that the high flying consulting positions are filled (the likes of Mckinsey Bain etc). With regards to the Big4, they are extremely competitive, even graduates who are “good enough” to get in, are being deferred because there aren’t that many positions available. Audit roles tend to be in abundance for the Big4, getting into London is probably out of the question by now, and other big offices like Birmingham are filled. The vast majority of consulting roles are likely also to be filled by now considering there aren’t many places available and these are always very competitive. I was fortunate to get a consulting role in Birmingham, and I know several people on this forum have been deferred for next year or asked to request an alternative office. If you’re looking at going into Audit, there are a few regional jobs available, but if you want to consult, apply later this year for 2017.


Thank you , that was really helpful. Am in London right now. In case i apply for an Audit job in Leeds , where will the interview be held ?


There is usually an option to have the interview in London or in the office that the job is being held ( in your case Leeds).


Hi Yaksoxx1,

Thank you for your post. We do still have positions advertised on our website and are still taking applications. I have posted the link below.

For some programmes there may be candidates who are ahead in the process who may take the final vacancies, however we will let you know if that is the case throughout the recruitment process.

Student Recruitment Team