am I OK to apply IBD?


Hi guys,

I will graduate in 2011with an master degree in engineering degree (basically it’s a 4 year MEng course), and the academic results are predicted to be good. However i didn’t really have any internship about finance before, but with two engineering internships, which one of them i am currently doing. I would like to ask whether I am still eligible to apply for investment bank devision as a graduate program.

I am looking forward to hearing from you guys soon, and your opinions are my precious.

Thank you!!!


Technically, you are eligible. But realistically, it will be very tough to get a place on a graduate place without any previous finance experience, especially in IBD. What you have to understand is that IBD is VERY competitive and most graduate positions are filled by summer interns. They are very strict on who they hire.

Why not take a gap year and apply for an off-cycle internship? They last almost 12 months and give you good exposure to the markets. If you’re good enough, which I’m sure you are, you will be given a FT offer.


Thank you for your suggestion, WokSz!!! I realized the problem of lacking financial experience also, that confused me a lot. It’s a good idea to take a off-cycle internship like what you said, but unfortunately I have already registered with the university as a student for 10/11 which is unlikely to take the gap year. I will take your comments, and probably consider to apply for other divisions as a first career step in banking. Have you got any idea about the technology operation department, am I suitable to apply for that one without any relevant experience (excluding the extra circular activities)?


Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Technology as I’m interested in Front Office.


if you have strong technology skill sets then yes you can try technology or apply for front office quant/algo related roles. If you want to go for more finance type of roles then be aware you will be asked why you did MSc in engineering…