Alternatives to a summer internship


I have reached a point where I have received rejections for the majority of my internship applications and the rest aren’t looking very promising. I could sit and blame one thing or another but the fact is the institutions I applied to had better candidates to chose from than me.

I am now trying to explore different opportunites that will add to my C.V, and preferably finance related. I am however struggling to find something suitable and would welcome any ideas from you guys. The majority of my applications were from trading and investment management roles, any ideas of something to occupy me over the summer whilst adding to my employability? e.g some sort of qualifcation?



I’d suggest trying smaller, but similar types of firm - people who don’t necessarily run structured internship scheme, but who may consider taking on a smart graduate, for free, for summer. You’ll need to do some research, ring companies direct and sell yourself, but this could be a smart move as you may get to work in a highly relevant position and get some good hands on experience. You could do a qualification, but work experience is the best - hands on work experience is what employers are really looking for!


Whatever happens, do not a free internship… first of all, it does not have the same value, and secondly: if they wont pay you, its most probably because they don’t really care about you0 Who would like to work for free after all?


That’s an incredibly bad piece of advice lvhoang.