Alternative Routes Into Teacher Training

Teach First


I graduated a few years ago from Nottingham University with a 2:1 Politics Degree, and i’m interested in going into to teaching but I really don’t wanna pay another £9,000 and my subject is History so the bursary in pretty low.
I’ve been working as temporary ta around London for a while now, so i have some experience. I tried school direct and teach first but wasn’t able to get onto the scheme, because my degree not being subject specific enough not being specific/ my degree and A-levels not being good enough (I want to teach history).
I’ve come across a two year course called teach in qualified, which is salaried and no tuition fee. from what i can tell it sounds like teach first style stuff but with more training and a bit less intense. Has anyone heard/ used/ seen this before?
Here’s the website:
you get QTS but its not PGCE… (whats the difference?)
anyone able to help out? it sounds like it would be good and i meet the requirements…