AlphaSights Video Assessment and Online Written Motivation Statement




As part of my application for AlphaSights Associate Programme, I have been invited to complete a video assessment and online written motivation statement.

I would like to ask anyone who has done this the following questions

How was it?

What advice do you have about how I can best prepare for this?

What questions were asked in the video assessment?
How many questions were asked? How much time are we given to answer each question and how much time are we given to prepare for each question?

What exactly is the online written motivation statement? Does it require us to type answers to specific questions or we are supposed to write a statement or…?
How long are we given in order to complete the online written motivation statement?



I just found your comment here online, but see that nobody has replied.
I’ve been invited to complete similar tasks, so have you gone through this in the meantime? How was it and what type of questions were asked?
Thanks a lot for your help!