I have a Degree in Fashion Buying - ive studied merchandising & logistics too.
I have a Interview with a company called QS (store 21) who used be bewise…

And ive never had a allocator test and really worried about the math test!

Can anyone inform me on what you think they’ll ask? what i should brush up on?


many thanks in advance!


I am in the same situation interview next week…how did you get on?


I’ve just started a new job as a Merchandise Allocator - for the interview I prepared for the maths test - mainly just ratios and percentages and it went fine. They also sprung an Excel test on me which I wasn’t expecting but luckily I’m fine with it :slight_smile:

Hope your interview went well!!


Hey, I am currently interviewing for a merchandise allocator role too. I have a second interview next week and they said we will be doing an excel test…what kind of things will I need to brush up on for this? Hoping it is as simple as the maths test I 1st did. Thanks


Hi I have an interview coming up next week with Hackett Ltd in as a merchandise allocator. I have to take a numerical and excel test as well. If someone has already attended hackett or allocator interview please help?
What kind of question do they normally ask for allocator role?
What preparation need to be done for maths and excel test?



Hi I have a maths and excel test for a Merchandise Allocator role, does anyone have any advice on the type of questions this will involve and where to find any practice questions?
thankyou :slight_smile: