Allianz Sales and Marketing Interview


I have an interview with Allianz next week and wondered if anyone has had one recently? Does anyone know the format of the interview i.e. is it normally competency based?
Any hints or tips would be much appreciated!


Hi Cmartin,

I did hear a rumour it was [[competency based interview|competency based]] Did you have your interview? What happened? Did you get the job?


I managed to get through the first interview thanks for asking! Got the assessment centre next wednesday so fingers crossed.
The interview was only short and basically asked about my CV and the usual ‘why do you want to work them’ and ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years time.’ The assessment centre sounds more competency based and is meant to be pretty tough from what I’ve read…fingers crossed I get the job!!
Are you applying there?


Cmartin were you asked any competency based questions at the 1st round interview?Good luck with AC!


The first round interview was actually OK. I wasn’t asked competency based questions, that was saved for the extremely intense assessment centre! It mainly surrounded my answers to the application form and why I wanted to work for Allianz / within the insurance industry. I think there were a few questions about why my personality suited Allianz and also that difficult question about where you see yourself in 5 years. I found the interviewers very friendly and enthusiastic. They may have altered it since Christmas so it may be worth looking at competency based stuff too and if you dont use it you definitely will in the assessment centre!
I wasnt offered a job but I knew that would be the case as my assessment centre went horrendously!
Best of luck with the interview. If you need ideas for the assessment centre let me know!


Thank you that’s very helpful. Why was the AC so bad?


Hi there,

I am also interested as to why the Allianz assessment centre is so bad? I have one on Tuesday and I’m really really nervous because I’ve never been to one before. I was told there will be a case study, role play and interview. Any tips you have or info would be so appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Oh dont worry, sorry if I made it our to be horrendous- its just that I didnt do too well as my nerves took over!
If it is the same format as mine then…

  • Introduction - there were quite a few interviewees at my assessment centre and we were given an into on Allianz and introduced to various assessors. This is the only real time we were asked quesitons on the company itself! I didnt think they were very welcoming and thought it was a bit cold compared to other assessment centres I have been to- they didnt make me feel at ease or particularly make me want to work for them!

  • The comeptency based interview does go on for quite a while with lots of questions and there is a chance you will have to use the same examples a couple of times (but the interviewers explain this isn’t a massive problem.) Luckily I graduated a few years ago so had a fair bit of work experience but the majority of interviewees were fresh out of Uni and did struggle for answers sometimes. Dont panic if this happens the interviewers cant expect you to magic up work experience if you havent got much, try and relate the question back to things you have experienced elsewhere in life.On my feedback email they said they liked my eye contact, so try include all the interviewers in the room.

  • The role play- I really didnt like this exercise, I couldnt see what they were getting from it. We were put in a room with a couple of emails and back ground info such as organograms, then expected to run a meeting with an ‘employee’ of the same company. They want you to be able to think on your feet and I genuinely think there is nothing you can do to prepare for it!

-Swot analysis. You get given a massive book full of info on an insurance comapny and the insurance industry. You need to digest this info and create a SWOT analysis- sadly I didnt have enough time to do this to the best of my ability. Also…be aware they do mark your hand written work. I was under the impression that it was prep for the next task but apparently you were marked on your written response too…make sure your hand writing is legibile. Try be quick with this as there is loads of info to read through!

  • Presentation, this was my least favourite activity. We had to make recommendations from our SWOT analysis about the three best strategies for the imaginary firm. Your were given preparation time but not as much as I would have liked. I felt the assesors were really rude and cold in this. One woman wouldnt stop looking around the room as if she was really bored (it may have been a plan to put me off!) the other guy was just really blatantly not impressed and when he asked his questions, it was like he wanted to watch me squirm! Make sure you think of potential quesions they may ask before you go in…prepare yourself the best you can!

Good Luck guys!
Remember…this is just my experience before Christmas, the format may have changed so make sure you prepare yourself for lots of eventualities!! It will be a tiring, intense day so try get a good night’s sleep…which I definitely didnt manage!
They will give you feed back but mine took weeks to come through!

Hope this info helps


Thanks that’s been really helpful. I have heard a couple of times that it’s supposed to be really hard and that a couple of the markers were quite cold. The lady that interviewed me was really nice and she said she might be there so I’m hoping that will put me at ease a bit. Were you told you would have a presentation? I wasn’t told in the email that there would be a presentation - just a role play, case study and interview… Is the presentation just a given when doing a case study?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Martin
Below common interview questions asked in Allianz
Interview questions speciapecializing in sales job:
Hope it’s helpsful for you!


Hi Caradi, I was wondering if those questions were from your own experience? Kind Regards.
Could anyone give me abit more information on the interview process? Thanks