Allianz Interview


Has anyone had an Allianz interview…?



I applied about a month ago, I have not heard back from them as of yet. Think their deadline has recently passed.

Has anyone had an interview at Allianz? If so, when did you apply, and when did you have an interview.

Thank you!


I applied about 6 weeks ago. Not heard anything either. What position did you apply for?


Finance Grad Scheme…





Finance Grad Scheme too. Looks pretty good eh?

@Trader1984 - you leave that “.” post all over the place on WikiJob. I’ve seen it a few times. How come?


I had an interview for the Underwriting Grad Scheme today.

It went really well and I was told that HR will contact me in a few days to organise a date to attend their assessment centre.


hey…glad it went it well. ive got one for actuarial. can you share any info? what sort of questions did they ask?


i’ve got an interview tuesday, what sort of questions did they ask you??


Hey @hayleycxx - how are you? How did your interview go?


haven’t had it yet as it happens, changed it to 2moro cos i had so much work on this week!


I applied in September for Corporate Management and still have not heard anything is anyone else in this position?


Hello I have an interview in January. what sort of technical questions do they ask?


has anyone had an allianz telephone interview for a summer placement? any ideas what sort of questions they might ask? it only seems to be for about 20 minutes.

appreciate any feedback.


@ hellohello

Same here, I applied to their actuarial graduate scheme way back in late September and haven’t been contacted yet.



I applied for the finance grad scheme over a month ago but haven’t had a reply yet. Is anyone else in the same situation?


same here - I applied somewhere in January, but haven’t heard from them since.


Have you contacted them to see what’s going on with your application?


i applied on the 3rd of jan and then only invited me to tests on the 3rd of march


Hi, Could anyone give me some more information on the questions asked in the telephone interview? Thanks