Alliance Trust Management Training Programme Interview


Anybody know how many candidates they have narrowed this down to yet? They normally only take 3 or 4 people on per year from what I have seen.


i think the first stage interview is like 20 candidates and then 10 for the assessment centre. Im not entirely sure…Have you been to the first stage interview?


I’ve not been to it yet but I have it later this month. Those numbers sound about right given what I have previously heard. Thanks Starrdust.

Any idea about what the assessment centre involves? They’ve not really given any details about it yet.


Ur welcome… I don’t have a clue, I been invited to the first stage too. I think the AC might be a standard procedure of group task, presentation, interview, tests. What do you think?


I think you’re right about the group tasks etc, although from what I have read elsewhere it seems they have a large emphasis on mathematical ability of candidates at their AC:


Thanks for the link… Hmm the only types of maths tests I can think of is a financial appraisal test and a numerical reasoning test :-s not sure though


Has anyone done the interview with Alliance Trust? And is anyone willing to offer some advise on what is raised/asked/discussed?

Pretty weird that it is conducted with two current trainees…


How was the first stage interview? I would appreciate any insight.


Surely they have finished the first stage interview process?


No I don’t think so, have you found out wether you’ve been invited to the AC?


yes. hence why i presumed they have made their offers for their AC’s. Are you going for your first round interview soon?


Congratulations… Yeah I am… I’m presuming that there is only one assessment centre day. Maybe there just interviewing me for the sake of it, I dunno tbh


When is the AC?


Late March. Good luck, im sure they still have spaces if they are interviewing.


Thank you, yeah I hope so. :-)… I don’t expect an in depth insight ATP the first stage interview as I think it would be unfair on other candidates… But do u have any tips for the interview?


Woo! Assessment centre here I come.

Just got the email giving us an overview of it. Sounds similar to previous assessment centres i’ve attended (case studies, presentations, group work etc).

Hope you guys received the good news too.

13 people rather than 10 are attending it though. Clearly the competition was so good they couldn’t narrow it down to 10 at the last stage. Sounds like this is going to be tough!


Did they call you at all? or did they just email you regarding assessment centre?


Hi. Sorry for the slow reply.

Well I had my interview in the morning and then they called me to tell me that I had successfully got through to the next stage that evening. From what I understand they were calling the other people who got through.

I hope you got the call too!


@warrenbuffetjunior sorry for the late reply. I’ve pmed you. Did u recieve you information email today? It said nothing about tests :-s


im surprised there is no mention on any testing also…there must be some form of numerical/verbal reasoning thrown in there at some point…

Whats everyone thinking?