Aldi-Lidl Area Manager Graduate Programs



Hi. :slight_smile:

My name is M. D. J. (rather not use my real name for obvious reasons). I currently work for Lidl as an area manager. Three years ago, I was accepted into Aldi’s program, but it was my first job, and I flunked out.
However, at Lidl, with some profressional experience under my belt, I managed to land the job and made the cut.

I should warn you that I work in Belgium, not in the UK or Ireland, but knowing Lidl (except maybe for the selection process) it will not matter.

First of all, I need to rain on people’s parade…
Working at either Lidl or Aldi is not for 90% of the people looking for graduate schemes.

  • The six months/year you spend in a store are very difficult physically (prepare for weight loss) and mentally (they only want to keep stress-resistant people)
  • This is NOT an office job; no fancy offices (in fact, the offices are spartan and minimalistic)
  • The job is highly competitive
  • Lidl and Aldi are “up or out” for area managers.
  • The hours you will have to put in in the beginning will be long. BUT - your boss only cares about you meeting your objectives. If with time you can do it while working 40 hours a week, more power to you. There are 60-70 hours week however.

The good things are:

  • Very high starting salary (outside of finance I don’t know of many other companies that pay this much) which evolves very quickly
  • A4 that is fully paid for, including all gas
  • Work experience that will make you welcome in any other company. Doors will open for you.

Anyway. Please ask me anything you like.

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Thank you for yours advices.
I’m Belgian and tomorrow I’m having a job interview with Lidl (management trainee program).

Could you tell me in which consists the assesment day?

Thanks in advance



I am looking for any advice I can. I have been offered a trainee district manager role and been working in retail for 10 years. I have been store manager for other company and this opportunity has come along. How is the job? Do u enjoy it? Do u have time with friends and family?



The job is a challenge. It is basically being responsible for 4/5 different shops- and by that I mean commercially and admistratively. You check all the administrative aspects every week, and then also the commercial aspects.
The trainee position means before you actually start working as an area manager, you get to relearn everything according to Aldi/Lidl. Be aware that since you used to be a store manager, expectations will be accordingly very high. All in all, the whole time before you start as an area manager is one big test.
I like the work, though it can be hectic sometimes. If one of your stores reopens, or opens, or has some kind of special event planned out, a week can get fairly busy. Sometimes you will have 6 day weeks… But in that case you get one extra day off the next day.
The big difference is of course you have no timetable, but you are expected, in Belgium at least, to work at least 48 hours a week. You do not clock in or out, which means sometimes you will work longer.
As for friends… I am married, two kids, doing fine. The money definitely helps.
My advice to you is to do it. Hang on, work hard. Honestly if you have been working in retail as a store manager for ten years, I think working as an area manager will be a welcome change, and right up your alley. And the money as well as career opportunities are amazing. Do not listen to the doomsayers found on some boards: You need to understand that people who say things like “Omg I had no life for three months so I quit” simply failed the test. Yes, the beginning is hard, and time-intensive, but once you actually get to the “doing your job” part, it gets easier.

All in all, good luck.


That has reassured me and thank you so much for reply. I have accepted the role and look forward to the challenge.

All the best in your career too :slight_smile:

Many thanks



I recently applied for this grad program. However due to a year abroad i only got a 2:2. (I have explained this in my application.)

As well as my degree I also have 9 years retail experience, 8 of which has been management. I set up and have been running the village shop as a successful business and am the youngest person to be granted a Post Office. However my shop will be signed over to be run as a community store within the next few months.

Do you think they will consider me?


Hi Skyduke, your comments about Lidl are very insightful. It has given me lots of information I was looking for. I have interview for Area Manager position in next few days. Can you please let me know how much physically challenging this job is? In my last job I was expected to be on foot for 10/11 hours doing lots on hands on tasks. As area manager what do you do on daily basis? Thanks a lot in advance.


Why the beginning is difficult and time intensive??how many hour do you work? What you do exactly in your job? what is my doing my job??? Do you transfer items or your job is to checking and educate the others? Every week you have 2 day off? because i am married too and i want to have time with my family but i need the money…


Hi there Sky Duke,
Thanks so much for your insightful comments. I am thinking of applying for the ALDI area manager role and think I would enjoy the buzz / challenge of it. What I really need to know is - how much does it eat into your personal time and personal life? Specifically, how many times a month would you have to work on weekends? Is there flexibility with holiday times - or are you restricted at certain times in the year? E.g. no holiday over the Christmas season…? What about days of in lieu - can you earn this back when worked for a whole weekend, for example? I anticipate that for the first year I *will have to work hard and will have to work crazy-hour weeks BUT is this the same in the 2nd / 3rd / 4th years of the role? Thanks so much in advance for your answers - I look forward to hearing from you.


Can you tell me about the selection process, what experience you had prior to you application and the responsibilities you have in the job role? I’m a mature student, due to finish uni (attending a top 5 rated uni) soon and have not worked since 2013 as my shear workload didn’t let up for a summer job or internship


Hi everyone,

I am applying for the Area Manager role at Aldi, but I am a little lost of one of the questions in the application. They ask “Please enter the details of your degree” 3500 words.
I studied Mechanical Engineering.
What sort of answer are they looking for in this part? List of modules? Results? or an essay on what you learned and how it can be applied in the job role.

If anyone that has been through the process could please point me in the right direction, it will be very much appreciated.

Many thanks



I am interested in when does the LIDL Retail Menagement Program actually starts? Cause selection process is really long, and I am at the end of it.



I recently got to the group stage of the Aldi recruitment process and what I did for that question was break it up in to my 3/4 years, list my subject and explained what I did/learned in that module. For Example:

1st Year:
Geographical field study: Puts research, analysis and data collection skills into practice in the field.
Earth systems: Covers the Earth itself in terms of how it is an integrated system comprising of four parts – the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.
Environment, society and risk: Determining how various environmental disasters can affect communities and infrastructure. Mitigation and adaptation techniques and processes are also studied.

I hope this helps!


Hi M.D.J

Yes the starting salary for Aldi is really good but I’m confused by one thing. Does it start rising in stages to k72 after your first year there or only after you have completed four years there?



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Hi guys, 2 days ago I did the assessment for Lidl and fingers crossed they will call me back. First, there is a presentation about society and the role they have to offer. You also get the chance to ask them some questions. I suggest you go for it and show your motivation regarding the role, the company etc. After the presentation you have the interview. The interview that I did was for graduate candidates that want to become managers and it was a group interview with a group exercise. I presented myself like the leader of the group because I thought that it was very important to show your leadership skills. I thought that was probably the most important thing if you wanted to actually succeed in that group exercise, especially since this is the first time Lidl will see you in a ‘managerial’ role, so it’s really important that you do well and make a great impression at this stage. Try out some Lidl style tests beforehand to give you more confidence.



Did you find out what to write in that section?!
I’m really confused about that part of the application.


How long after the assessment centre does it take to find out ? For lidl


How long did it take for you to hear back after the assessment centre ?


what do they mean when they ask “Provide full details of your degree”?