ALDI Graduate Area Manager Advice


Hi Everyone,

I applied for the ALDI graduate area manager scheme 2 weeks ago and I recently got a letter stating that I had been succesful and would be informed when the group interviews were taking place, does anyone know when these take place? how long after your application?

Also, I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how the assesment day works? what you have to do?

Any other advice on the ALDI graduate job would be fantastic.

Thanks guys



Hey I have a group interview on monday. Have you had yours yet. I am looking for the same info


Hey, good luck with your interview then. I got my acceptance 3 weeks ago but they haven’t contacted me with date for group interview. how long was it from your acceptance that you got dates for your interview?

I am from glasgow so i guess you are from somewhere else? I am not sure when the scottish ones will be.

Have you had any luck getting advice?



hey no I ddnt get any advice. I got my interview letter pretty quick. Mine is in Essex


Well good luck with it I hope it goes well :slight_smile: any advice afterwards would be great!

I have been waiting 3 weeks since my acceptance and still no date for interview


Thank u . I will let u know what happens after the interview.


Hey how did the interview go?

I have got mine confirmed for next Friday so any advice would be great?



hey interview was ok. we had a test for 20 minutes. He also went around asking why aldi and why u think you shoul be hired. We gave a 3 minute presentation bout a time when you were a leader and what you learnt from that role.


useful info. was that the only presentation? how many interviews do you have? is it always within a group?


1 presentation and everything is in a group. Thats all we did


My boyfriend does the Aldi graduate scheme and i would seriously consider how much you value your free time before applying. you train for a year to be a store manager first and its not pretty. he probably works ~80 hours a week, they say ~50 is normal but you cant get your work done in 50 and need to stay later. he leaves at 6am to get in for 7ish and works right through to 9 or 10.normally 6 days a week. some times he gets home and tells me he hasnt ate for 15 hours, legal? the perks are great yeah but when can you spend 40 grand when all you do is work and sleep. the amount of physical labour involved is very tough and you need to be extremely fit. im not some bitter woman moaning for no reason i just hope that people think a bit more before applying…the horror stories are 100% true. if you value your health, happiness and spare time over money this isnt for you!!
p.s. hope aldi dont have contract killers reading wikijob.


Does anyone know what the presentation portion of the interview is about?? Do I have to come up with my own topic or will we all be assigned a subject when we get to the interview?


Hi Everyone

Hope your Aldi interviews went well.

I have a group interview coming up soon and would be grateful for any advice. I know there will be testing and a presentation.

What are the tests? and what level cane we expect?GCSE?Also, what subjects do we need to discuss for presentation.

Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Please see my other post for information about the Aldi Graduate Area Manager position - I went through the entire process! Search Wikijob or click on my username.


As a former Area Manager with ALDI, I would strongly discourage anyone with a university degree from going for the Area Manager role with ALDI. The typical people you will be working with in these roles are obnoxious, aggressive and over confident. This is the ALDI type they are after. They only want people with uni degrees because it shows you can achieve something. You won’t be using anything you’ve learnt at uni, so it seems such a waste of all that study. The role is basically running their supermarkets, a job which people without a uni degree could also manage easily.

They will work you to the bone for 2-3 years and then replace you with new grads. There are very limited opportunities to progress above Area Manager, as the number of Director roles is limited and everyone is competing for them, and the existing Directors won’t leave their current roles so they don’t come up often.

The progression from Area Manager is to Store Operations Director, Buying Director, Property Director or Warehouse Director. Given the existing directors have nowhere else to go, besides Managing Director, there are limited opportunities for progression. Each region can only have 1 or 2 Store Operations Directors etc., there is only 1 Managing Director. So the number of people in the Director roles is small.

Most people working for ALDI develop very specific skills in overseeing supermarkets, and there are limited opportunities to move into other retail companies with the ALDI experience. Other retailers would rather promote their existing staff into management, and so if you leave the company you will find it difficult to gain employment elsewhere with the ALDI background as your experience.

I would strongly discourage anyone from pursuing an opportunity with them, as they are a ruthless company and will use you until they can replace you. ALDI only operates for the profit of the German owners. ALDI don’t hesitate to replace people they don’t like, and their staff turnover is very high.

Uni graduates would be better advised to work in roles where they can utilize the degree they’ve studied, which in the long term will give them a lot more opportunities than ALDI can offer. Whilst other companies offer a lower starting salary for graduates, you will quickly catch up, and in the long term be in a much better position with a career that actually makes you attractive to many firms.

Whilst the ALDI starting salary is high, it doesn’t go up much further once you are in the company. It is a bait to attract lots of applicants to apply, and then you get stuck. I really regret working for ALDI and would have been better off starting off in a career oriented firm where I was using my uni degree.


Hi Everyone!

I have managed to pass the group interview stage and have been invited to ‘a second interview’. I was wondering if anyone has recently been to one of these and has any insight into it? i.e. how long it lasts, what questions they’ve asked, any tips etc?

I really appreciate any help!

Thanks :slight_smile:


does anyone have any recent info on a final interview? there seems to be very little regarding this?


Any more updates on things to expect in group interview? I have one soon


has anyone got an email address for Aldi. I wanted to contact them to find out about the outcome of my application!!!