Airbus international graduate programme 2018


Hello All,

Did anyone attend the AIRBUS IGP assessment centre on the 14th of september? if you did so please could you share some light on what was asked in the assessment centre and any heads up? any tips?

Thank you



Definitely worth taking a look at this existing thread:

Airbus Graduate Scheme 2018

There may be info in there that’s useful, or other folks you can contact for tips :grinning:


Thank you @WikiBoy but they are quite different the IGP and the UK graduate program are sounding similar but quite different. Thank you anyway :slight_smile:


hi there @ILOVEAIRBUS, did you attend the airbus assessment center? If so, then could you tell me as to what happened there? Any tips from your side would be greatly appreciated.

thanks alot


Hello. The day is divided into 3 sessions

  1. team activity, you are given a paper with a task and clue cards on the desk, Make sure you read all instructions carefully and try to figure out the answer. They are checking how you behave in the group and is there a time keeper. how you analyse the problem and solve at the end. The most important bit is to speak up and be a part of the group in a respectful way.

Part 2. Interview

Just like any other interview give me examples of strengths, weekness.

Tell us your vision and how would you achieve it in 15 years.

blah blah blah… but most importantly answer in the STAR method. ( Situation Task Action Result)

part 3. Business case and presentation

Simple presentation do not complicate it. make sure you have time on check!

and most importantly BE YOURSELF! KEEP SMILING :slight_smile: ALL THE BEST!


@ILOVEAIRBUS thank you for insightful answer, couldnt have asked for something better. Also, did you get the results?


Nope not yet! Apparently its 3 weeks of waiting. The chances are slim but il be positive till then. Fingers crossed. Did you attend or will you attend?