Airbus international graduate program (igp) 2020


Hello Guys Anyone with any ideas of possible ways to practice for the game Assessment for the airbus igp 2020 ?

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Hi. Have you received any email from them after your initial application?


No I haven’t received nothing aside the automated email that says you application has been received and it’s been reviewed. I guess you also got that mail too


Yes. That’s the one I received after submitting my application . But many of them have received a rejection mail already.


People already started getting response for their applications? I checked with couple of them and they are still awaiting response.


Yeah. Couple of them had but it’s a rejection mail


Oh ok. Any idea about the days it took them to receive the rejection mail.

Also, did you in apply Feb itself? I applied 6 days ago only.


I applied in feb itself. No idea, how long it takes. I might get rejected too . Don’t know what they are expecting


Hi mates,

I also applied IGP this year, still haven’t received any feedback now. If you wish, we can form a WhatsApp group to discuss the next step. +44 7579919828


I applied a couple of days ago as well and only received the automated mail.
They must screen really early for people to start getting reject mails already.


Hi All,

I have also applied for IGP and dint receive any feedback yet.
@Stephan_Wu is there any whatsap group created?


Hi , there is no group yet. Any idea when the feedback will be given?


Guys, Here’s the group I created

Join this and forward to other candidates.

Niharika_Mehta via WikiJob Forum于2020年3月15日 周日15:55写道:


No idea regarding the feedback time period.


Has anyone heard anything, mine says application received.