Airbus international graduate program (igp) 2020


Hello Guys Anyone with any ideas of possible ways to practice for the game Assessment for the airbus igp 2020 ?

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Hi. Have you received any email from them after your initial application?


No I haven’t received nothing aside the automated email that says you application has been received and it’s been reviewed. I guess you also got that mail too


Yes. That’s the one I received after submitting my application . But many of them have received a rejection mail already.


People already started getting response for their applications? I checked with couple of them and they are still awaiting response.


Yeah. Couple of them had but it’s a rejection mail


Oh ok. Any idea about the days it took them to receive the rejection mail.

Also, did you in apply Feb itself? I applied 6 days ago only.


I applied in feb itself. No idea, how long it takes. I might get rejected too . Don’t know what they are expecting


I applied a couple of days ago as well and only received the automated mail.
They must screen really early for people to start getting reject mails already.


Hi All,

I have also applied for IGP and dint receive any feedback yet.
@Stephan_Wu is there any whatsap group created?


Hi , there is no group yet. Any idea when the feedback will be given?


No idea regarding the feedback time period.


Has anyone heard anything, mine says application received.


Hey Guys !
Hope you’re doing well.
Did you receive any feedback after your game-based assessment ?


Did anyone receive a email confirmation after completion of the game based assessment? Because, I received a second email inviting me to take the test exam again!

Also, is there a whatsaap group up for this years applicants?


Same ! I received a second email to take the test again


Hi all,
Couple of weeks ago I have received an email stating to do the online exam and today I received another email stating to do the exam again. Did anyone receive the same email? And does anyone know how they choose or what they aim for in cadidates?

In addition to that let’s do a whatsapp group to discuss and keep updated


Same situation !
Yes lets create a whatsapp group to keep updated


Please put your phone numbers and Ill initiate a group chat


There’s already a group .