Airbus International Graduate Program 2018



Hi guys, I applied for the IGP 2018 a month ago, but haven’t received any news. Could someone from last program can share his/her experience? how long the process take?. What about the ones who applied for the IGP 2018? Any news?


Any updates about IGP recruitment?


Someone that has received any answeres yet?


I received a link to complete a video interview on July 14. Nothing since


No reply after completing video interview…


Last week (2 weeks after the video interview) I received a reply from them inviting me to the assessment centre in September.
If you haven’t got a reply till now, then sadly chances are you might not have been selected because the deadline to respond to the invite is 6th Aug.


I see… well, congratulations! and good luck in the next step of the process!. Thank you for answering here.


Thanks for the info. I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes too high now. Good luck for your assessment!


So I believe…its the end of hopes for those who didn’t received any update after video interview (including me)…
Congrats for those who are into assessment center and best wishes…


Will it be only one session for the assessment centre?


Could anyone provide more details about the assesment center? Like number of participants, activities, questions, interviews … Thank you all


I don’t think so, well, they sent me an email yesterday, but they just basically said they are still processing my application and that I will receive an email when the process ends, but we were already advised here that deadline for the assessment attendance was Aug 6th.


Hi! I got my invitation for 7th-8th October but the deadline for a response was the same, august 6th.


When did you received the e-mail invitation for assessment center?


Did your application status changed in your erecruiting website cockpit ?
Do you think that if we did not pass the pre-recorded interview step, we will receive any notification about it ?
Thank you in advance!


I believe we will get a rejection e-mail from Airbus soon.It is just a matter of time to receive the e mail rejection.


It has not changed, but I guess we will receive a notification afterwards.


No, like two weeks ago


Those who haden’t recieved an invitation, anything new?


Received official rejection e-mail yesterday.