Airbus Graduate Scheme 2021

Dear all,

I hope you are all keeping well.

Has anyone applied for the graduate scheme this year? I applied for the GNC/AOCS one the other day and today the status has changed from “Application received” to “Assessment”.

Which one did you apply for and what is your application status? Let us share our thoughts and experiences.



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Hi there, I applied at the end of october for a graduate thermal engineer position. My status in just 1 week changed from “received” to “assessment” and I compiled also the security form as requested by email. Then I’m still waiting for some reply, it is more than one month! I don’t know if it is normal, on their website they say that the average time response is 35 working days. If that is true, by the end of next week I will receive some feedback, I hope. How about your application?

My friend is gonna do this next year, he is preparing his application now)) I will also graduate from accounting next year, and now I also decided to prepare. I often wrote my assignments not myself, but from so now I want to more seriously refer to my studies. Of course, I myself can give assignment help, but still. Are there accounting graduates here?

Thanks to everyone who shared their experience. Because it awaits me next year, I want to be ready for anything.