Airbus Graduate Scheme 2020 Intake


Cheers mate! Same question


Hi everybody, I’d be happy join a whatsapp group as well. I’m still showing “Assessment” as my status, and still no contact from Airbus.

+1 4049345895


Hey guys, I have done my game based test about 1 month ago. Still waiting for feedback. Could you please add me to the WhatsApp group. My number is 00971522724050


Can you add me too. +4521916901 Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi guys, have anyone get any updates after finished the game test?


please add me 00447918725602


Has anyone had any update after the game based assessment?


I have not. For me, it says “Under Review.” Have you received any updates?


Hi, Can anyone add me to the WhatsApp group. Thank you. +447874099527


Can you add me +447763515475


Hi guys,

Anyone applying for the landing gear graduate role?

Can you add me to the whats app group, +447469653908


Hi everyone, I applied for Procurement Graduate in Bristol and I received an e-mail yesterday stating that I have been selected for the interview. However, just for the sake of clarification, I completed my masters from University of Bristol recently and my student visa is due to expire in March 2020.

I would like to know how long does the whole process take and if Airbus would be able to provide me with a Tier 2 visa on time?

Any sort of assistance would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


Clarification needed mate. Have you given the psychometric assessment?
I guess the actual intake might happen not before August 2020.


Hello guys

I’m Nikhil. I’m sorry I was out of town for a month, and I have now observed that many of you are interested to join the group. I really appreciate your enthusiasm.

Please click on the following link to join the group.

And when you join, please give us a brief introduction about yourselves like your name, the role applied for, the status of your application.

There are very strong chances of people already in the group reaching you out if you provide your intro while joining.

Here’s the link, and welcome to the club! I’m hoping to talk to you in the group. Cheers!!

Thank you.

Nikhil D