Airbus Graduate Scheme 2020 Intake


Can you send me a message so I can join please


Hi guys,

Please add me. My whats number is +919601275901.

Thank you.


Just wondering if anyone received “Pre-selection” email, a day after submitting the application?


Yes, but I got it at the same time as the game assessment invite, so I think it just means you got selected for the assessment game. I figured they quickly filter people out that are not eligible?


Yeah, seems like a standard automated procedure. Well, one of my friend was rejected a week after completing the game. I completed mine a week ago and status is still “under review”


I just completed my test yesterday.


Hi everybody! I applied as well, in this case for the Space graduate. I would like to be in the group if are you discussing some aspects of how the recruiting process work. I did the personality test a week ago but still I do not have news from airbus.

My number is: +3465116630

Thanks in advance!




Hey there, is the WhatsApp group created? If yes please tell me how can I join. Also has anyone received any kind of update after taking the tests?


Hi, I completed the Skyrise City game early last week (it’s been 8 or 9 days), and I am checking my application status for the first time. It says “assessment”. Is this referring to the game-based assessment or does it reflect advancing to a subsequent round (i.e. upcoming assessment center day)? No emails from them since I was invited to play the game.

If it makes a difference: I applied to an internship position, not a graduate scheme role.

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Also – if he/she does not reside in the UK, would an internship applicant still be required to physically attend an assessment centre, or are video-based interviews standard for overseas applicants?


Hi Gerardo! Are you spanish? We can talk about it! Write my by wasap! I think you are being assessed for a next step (i.e., interview of something similar). In my case I played the game one week ago and in my status still appears “Under Review”, which seems kind of standard status for who are just on stand by


Hi there,

Could you please add me to the group - +447448103503.

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Good day to all,
Nikhil can you add me to the Whatsapp group, my number is +33623479067.


Hi, Please add me to the Whatsapp group, my number is +18578910976. Thanks.


Hey guys. hope ya’ll in good health…
Did my online test for the graduate program position in UK , 21 days ago :slight_smile: and i suppose most of you have done it too…

How did it go ?? Has there been any update on your side ? My status is still in review… According to my research in other Airbus graduate forums, Typically proceeding candidates would receive an email 2/3 weeks after the test… Anddd are ya’ll in the group already ?? :slight_smile:

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Hey Jude, it’s been the same for me too. I took the exam around 30th of August, and I’m waiting for the response too.

I’ve got the test results,it wasn’t really bad(I guess) I’m not really sure as to what to expect at the moment.

Hope we all get a positive response soon!!



Hey Gerardo!

I have the same doubt about it, did you get any response as what need to be done in you are not in the UK?

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That’s great to know !! The waiting game is on :smile:… I will update if there’s any development from my side :ok_hand:


Hi @Nikhil_Dakoju1! I have applied for 2 programs under the Graduate Scheme and cleared the assessments 17 days ago. Still “Under Review”. Could you add me to the group too? My number is +918951582411