Airbus Graduate Scheme 2020 Intake


Hello Fellas. Airbus(@AirbusCAreers) tweeted on 12th September 2016 that their graduate roles will be live on 16th September 2019 for the 2020 intake.

This forum is being created to share experiences/knowledge throughout the recruitment process. Once a decent number(>10) has been built, we can shift to the Whatsapp group which I have already created. Best of luck in the applications. Cheers!

Nikhil Dakoju

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Hi Nikhil,

This is Vijay Chauhan here. Thanks for creating this forum. I am very much interested in knowing what kind of roles will Airbus put out since brexit is on my mind. If anyone has insider Airbus knowledge, it would be damn beneficial. Hoping for this group to expand further.



Hi Nikhil,

we can start joining the whatsapp group :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

PM to share the phone!

Best regards!


Hi Mate,

Thanks for responding. Please DM me your whatsapp number. And the appilications are now open!