Airbus Graduate Scheme 2019



Ive been on Manager review for 2 months now so not sure whats going on. At this point im just expecting a rejection.


After 2 or 3 weeks, sadly we can expect that.


@mgarg24 any feedback?


Nope. Still on manager review. Im wondering if ive been put on some kind of waitlist now.


Are there any ac schedules left? Are all the graduate programmes done with selecting applicants?


Ya, Im wondering too. For which position do you applied?


I applied for an internship position so maybe its a different process than graduate? It was Materials and Process Engineer Internship.


Yeah, probably


HA47, I have AC coming up soon. I am on Systems Engineering Graduate Programme (Fuel), could I know a little bit about what to expect in group exercise?


@JM2019 I am in Systems Engineering (Fuel) Graduate programme and have AC coming soon. Could I get help on how the AC works, specifically, I have not done any group exercises before. Hope someone could add me into the Whatsapp Group and what info do I need to provide.


Hello guys,

I am thinking to apply for the International Graduate Program of next year. I would like to know if I could apply although I have not studied/lived outside of Europe more than 5 years? Thanks indeed and good luck for everyone



Its better to apply and just let the Company reject you than to exclude yourself without submitting. Plus in IGP it says it is ideal to have worked outside but not really required in my opinion. Try to look out for other Airbus graduate programmes if you feel doubtful submitting to IGP


I have hivue interview at Jan. 25 as Aircraft performance engineer at France. There is no response after that.

Did I miss the opportunity? or is that usual for Airbus taking time for more than four weeks?

I really want to be.


Yes, almost everyone wait several weeks for an answer.


I had my AC around 10 days ago and my status in the candidate cockpit is now “to be hired”. Does that suggest anything or does it only mean you’ve completed the AC? Thanks guys!


Congratulations! if you werw foreigners, work permit is required.

How many days were needed to go from online interview to AC interview in your case?


Thanks! I’m indeed from outside UK/EU, after the online tests I received invitation to AC in around 8-10 weeks.

So does “to be hired” means you’re in but they need more time to sort things out? The HR did mentioned after the AC that we will be notified within 2 weeks but usually it won’t take that long, could “to be hired” just the standard update everyone gets after AC? I hope they are not giving false hopes lol.


Congratulations! I think that means you will be hired. May I ask what position did you apply for?


It’s a graduate position in Airbus commercial.


Is there anyone who applied the position “Join the Airbus Flight Physics Team as Aircraft Performance Engineer !” ??

I applied this position not via Airbus site but via Linkedin, and there is no status menu in the candidate cockpit. So, there is no method to check the application status except recruiter’s mail.

Fortunately, I had a chance to receive the response for online interview using the hirvue at the end of Jan. Then, recruiter mailed he will let me know after working out.

After five weeks, I want to ask recruiter result of the online interview and schedule for the AC if I succeed. However, I worry that kind of question bothers him.