Airbus Graduate Scheme 2019



I can’t send private messages to you. Can you please contact me?


Hey guys, I applied for the Engineering Structures Graduates programme in Bristol. I applied early November and I’m still on Recruiter/HR review. Getting pretty frustrated that it’s taking so long to find out whether I’ll be invited to the AC. Anyone else apply for this position?


I applied for an internship position in Filton dealing with wings structure in the mid-November. I’ve been invited to the AC after 3 weeks.


I applied for the Engineering Structures Graduates programme in Filton early Nov and received an invite to the AC late Nov, so about after 3 weeks.


I applied for bid manager position and it has been in “manager review” for 2 months. Anyone who has applied for the same position?


Greg, what it seems to me (based on people replies) we should get the answer after 3 or 4 weeks. If not, I think we hold on stand-by, until 3 months or so, and get a standard rejection mail.


Please let me know if there is any update from you.


If theres no fit profile email does that mean they will not be considering the application?


Has anyone received the fit profile email and then been rejected for a position? As someone said above, it seems like they have a huge list of stand-by applicants who didn’t get invited to the first ACs, but may be invited to additional ACs if they still have positions to fill.