Airbus Graduate Scheme 2019



Yes, space graduate


Hi @HA47. The graduate insight is a chance to speak to current graduates on the program, so It’s not really an assesed task.


Thanks for your reply @Abood. So it’s just about meeting the graduates and asking questions about the program, I guess!


Hello, I would like to join the whatsapp group as well!


I applied for Project Programme management Graduate. Any updates?



I have a question. How many weeks in “Manager review”? Is it normal 1 month or so? Should I send a email to HR to know the status? Thx



I sent them an email yesterday and they came back to me today. They said that as long as you have not received any email saying that you have been rejected, you are been considered and should receive an update “very soon”.

Hope this helps! I also have a couple of applications, one under “Manager review” other “HR Review”. Given that they can be managed by different HR departments depending on location and programme applied they can be in different stages.


Hi is it still possible to join to the Whatsapp group? I have tried to send you a message but it said I am not allow haha


You should activate your profile by doing the tasks told by Discobot



But I saw people who got the answer 3 weeks after changing to “Manager review”. Will it take about 3 months or so, to got a rejection mail?(I saw someone like that)

Thanks in advance.


How can I join the whatsapp group?¿ I have applied for the “Mechanical Thermal Propulsion Engineer” position. Thanks!!


Please send your no. with STD code.


I’ve been already added. Thank you very much!!


How can I send you my number to be added? Thank you!


Hi how can I send you my phone number so you can add me to the whatsapp group? thanks


I’d like to join the whatsapp group too. Thanks


If its alright, I would also like to join the whatsapp group. What is the std code?


I applied to a few positions, all of which are currently under HR review. Except for graduate avionics which is at interview.

It has been on the interview stage for a few days but I have received no update or invite, anyone else in the same situation or know when I could expect a response, thanks.


Hi Tmk576,

How many days to pass from “Manager Review” to “Interviews”?

Thanks in advance.


It has been quite while, early December if I remember correctly.