Airbus Graduate Scheme 2019



Congratulations buddy! Would you mind saying for which position you were invited and when/how did you get the AC notification?


Hey guys could I also get added to the whatsapp group?


Hi everybody, I got invited to an AC for Thermal Engineering Program !!! So I’m wondering if anyone is applying for the same position or having at least some information about the ACs of Airbus defense and space???


Congrats! I applied for Mechanical Thermal Propulsion Engineering (Stevenage). Have you applied for same position?


No, I applied for “Graduate Thermal Engineer” program but it still at Stevenage.


That’s the position I applied for as well, my status is still stuck on Recruiter/HR review though.


Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone of you reached the status of “Interviews”(status changed today), but without receiving any further emails after the invitation email for the psychometric test. I applied for the position which belongs to Airbus commercial aircraft.


Hi, Can I join the whatsapp group please?


Hi, can you add me to the whatsapp group please ?



I recieved the Aribus profile fit probably one month ago.
I haven’t receive any other email or notification and my status is still in “HR review”

Have some one been invited to an AC or indicated other thing??


yea same here… any updates?


I applied for the same thing


Can I join the Whatsapp group, please?


Please send your no. with STD code


Hi guys. I applied to the Space Graduate (Corsham) and Project Management Scheme for Defenceand Space (Portsmouth). I passed the online assessment and I received and email for the Security Check. I am in Recruiter/HR review waiting (hoping) for Manager review.

Is there anyone else that applied for my same programs? Do you have any news?


I have applied for Space Graduate too, I did the online assessment and the security check and I am in HR review since November, just like you. A friend of mine passed in Manager Review a couple of weeks after the application but then he received the rejection email.


Hi guys, does anybody know what is the “Graduate Insight” task ? is it an interview or a presentation or …?


same here, my status still on Recruiter/HR review not quiet sure why, if the AC is between Jan - march , we should have receive any info by now… should we ask them?


Hi, Did your friend applied to the space graduate program?


Hi armoi37, which program have you applied to?