Airbus Graduate Scheme 2019



I did the Skyrise City test back in October and since then I’ve received six(!) emails all saying the same thing, that my profile is a good fit for Airbus. I only applied for one position. Anyone else received the same email a bunch of times?


It’s happening with everyone, relax that’s common…


please add me too to this whatsapp group inbox me so i can reply with my number.


could you add me too?


Could you add me too, please? It could be quite useful ^^


Hello! Would you also please add me? I can’t send personal messages yet.


Can you add me to the whatsapp group please? I don’t know how to send messages! :slight_smile:


I just noticed my application status in Airbus profile changed from HR review to Manager review. Hope to get AC soon !
Oh i applied for Graduate Electronics. Anyone applying the same programme?


Yep, applied to graduate avionics and just got put onto manager review. Good luck


What is the WhatsApp number ? I would like to join the group, please.


Someone please add me too. I wold like to join the group


Have you gotten email “profile fit thing” ?


Hello, can you add me to the whatsapp chat?


Hi, can you please add me to the whatsapp group. cheers.


Hi, can I join the whatsapp group?


Hello! May I please join this WhatsApp group?

Also good luck all!


Hi, I would also like to join the group. Any leads on how to join ?


Hi, can I also join the group please?


Hi guys, I got invited to the assessement day for Systems engineering-Safety position, anyone in my case? Also I’d like to know how to join the WhatsApp group. thanks :wink:


AC invite here too for Jan