Airbus Graduate Scheme 2019



That is not a bad idea. I am in


Inbox me your nos. I’ll keep adding - that’ll be quick communication.


It is not a sign at all, just standard process :slight_smile:


Hi How do I inbox you my number?? I tried searching but I couldn’t find the message option on your profile


Just know received mail from Airbus with subject Airbus Application. One mail they marked it to 784 people. Hope, you people got it.




I have checked my mail, and yes, I did get the Airbus Fit profile from Its marked to lots of people(784 as per my friend). And it even got recalled a couple of minutes ago.


Hi buddy. You need to complete the questionnaire and the online test. If you have taken the tests and cleared it, then you will receive the Airbus fit email. Just FYI, I got the Airbus fit email a week after my tests. Hope this is informative.


We’re 6 of us on WhatsApp, people are welcome to join.


So did we all get a first email saying that you fit the airbus profile which had all the applicants emails on it. Then the same email again only the recipients emails were not disclosed and then a third email recalling one or both of those emails?


What roles have you guys applied for? Finance myself…


I applied for Mechanical Engineer and Landing gear graduate roles.


I applied about 2 weeks ago for engineering structures. I have completed skyrise test, but I haven’t received the profile fit email yet. :frowning:
does it means I am rejected ?


Some people here have received the profile fit email 4 weeks after the test. I think we just have to wait.
I’ve applied just 1week ago


I also received the profile fit email pretty late. Don’t stress too much. Let’s wait an see.


@SpaceD @seragog Alright! Thanks Mate


Cant find a way to inbox you…Help pls




Thank you for update


can you add me.