Airbus Graduate Scheme 2019



For anyone who want to ask the company any question, they will open a live twitter chat today at 2pm gmt.
see @airbuscareers.


From what I read in the Airbus Career Twitter Q&A, it is clear our applications will be reviewed and the next part of the process will be an assessment centre. I applied to the Mechanical Engineering scheme at Stevenage and Farnborough. Did anyone else apply for the Mechanical Engineering role.
And all the best as we wait for the AC


I applied for the Mechanical Engineer role as well


I applied for the same, waiting for their response


Has your application status changed from HR Review to Manager Review ?


No, did it change for you? what date did you apply?


Hey guys. Do not worry, it takes around 2 weeks after passing the online test to receive some kind of response. + imagine how many applications they receive? It’s normal and not unusual that the process takes time.


Hi guys! Just completed the Skyrise City assessment and I have few questions.
In the web page where Arctic Shores gave us the username and password, it was written that the assessment would be organized in two parts: Skyrise City (Aptitude) (with Sticky Notes (Abstract) (17 minutes)) and Skyrise City (Personality). But then I downloaded the app and that was a game with 10sessions. Was the same for you? Then, does Airbus automatically receive the test results? Thanks!


Yes this is the case, where the aptitude test represents the last game
They recieve it automatically.
You can get also the report from the same webpage of skyrise registration.


Perfect! Thank you


Nah mate, still waitin for that :thinking:




Does anyone have an idea, how long it would take for Airbus to give the outcome from the AC ?


By the looks of Twitter Q&A, they are going to start notifying about AC’s in November, December and January. And I believe it to be in the order of applications who have applied first. Hence, you can expect something by end of November(for those who received the Airbus fit email on 1st November)


The question is, did anyone reach “Manager Review”?


Did you received Airbus fit profile as an email?
The day after my application for a graduate position I received two emails: one with the invitation to the online test and one for the Security questionnaire, but in none of these say that my profile fits. Good sign?


You must wait for airbus fit email.


Now, they send me a new fit email similar to older mails, but without pdf attachement


Yes, I received Airbus Fit Profile. It took nearly 4 weeks after the test.


Guys can we have WhatsApp group what say?