Airbus Graduate Scheme 2019



Did anyone received Security Clearance Questionnaire? Did anyone received it - Multiple times?
Did anyone received Airbus Fit Profile? What does it mean?
Did anyone got upgraded to Manager Review?


It’s a good sign.




Yes people here received it a few days ago. Depending on where you apply cause Airbus commercial doesn’t do a check and for airbus defense and space it is mandatory.
Are you guys shire it is AC afterwards and no HireVue interview?


This is a good sign. It means that you match the criteria and you will receive an invitation to a psychometric test, if you haven’t received it yet


What does Airbu Fit Profile Mail means?


Is it for Airbus commercial? As you know in the psychometric test there are no right or wrong answers, basically they just assess you and check if you characteristics match what they defined for the job. So it means that your profile match and the HR will give your CV to managers and then managers will decide who they prefer to invite to the AC. Did you receive it? What position you applied for?


I applied in 4 profiles and I got Airbus Fit Profile for all of them.
Airbus Defence and Space
Position: Graduate
Functional Areas: Management, Marketing, Sales & Commercial Contracts

What profile(s) did you apply for?


Oh that’s cool, congrats.
I only received a pre-security clearance as I only applied this week.
How much did you score at SkyriseCity? Also did you receiv like a doc generated by the app that assessed your profile and shows positives/negatives?


I scored 8535 in the test. Yes, I received the doc.
I received security clearance for only 3 profiles and Airbus fit profile for all 4 profiles. My status is still under HR Reviews for all the profiles.
I’m not sure, what stage I’m at.
Can you guide me, if you have any idea?
What profile(S) did you apply?


I’ve got a very similar score, but i haven’t received detailed results :confused: Home much times after completing the test you’ve got your results? I’ve applied for project management positions.
It is application review > hr review > manager review > interviews (AC)
All profiles that fit after psychometric test go to manager review and then it is up to manager to decide whether he/she will invite you to the AC


2 weeks !


I received 4 emails saying that I fit to the Airbus profile and I applied only for 3 jobs lol


I have one question for you guys. I applied for a normal job and now it shows that is under manager review for a while. That means that I will go to an interview without going through an AC, no ?


Hey, i’ve been at Airbus for a while and there are no AC for “ordinary” jobs :slight_smile:


Did you check the job id for the fit profile emails received? that might help!


I tried to do that, unfortunately the id of the job reference matches with my application reference id. Does this happened to all of you ?


Yes. Thats the same case with me. All the 4 emails regarding the Airbus Fit profile, the job ID matches with my application reference ID. I think its the standard format as you only take your test once irrespective of the number of graduate programmes you have applied for. I believe that the HR will forward the profiles(not the psychometric as you have cleared them) to the respective Managers of the specific graduate programme(s) to determine if you are suitable for the applied position. Correct me if I am wrong.


Also most of the Airbus Commercial programmes have closed, 4th November 2018. So we can expect responses within a week or so.


I have pinged you - Inbox.