Airbus Graduate Scheme 2019


Since many people ask about AC, could someone talk more about it? (type of interview, group discussion, rate of sucessful applicants after AC, wating time, etc). And in this way we can help future candidates :slight_smile:


Hey guys i just did the skyrise city test. I scored 8302 and i would like to ask if anyone knows if this is good or not. Good luck everyone.


Hi Guys,
I’m a little worried right now. I applied for the Filton degree apprenticeship all the way back in November/December time last year. And yet my application is still “under manager review”. I have emailed them and they said, be patient. But this surely is taking a very long time. Any help would be great :slight_smile:


Is there any people who applied Aerodynamic Design Engineer (d/m/f) or Engineer (m/f/d) for Data Science and Aerodynamics???

I waited good message from the Airbus, but it is long-wait…


Hi does anyone know when we’d get the welcome bonus?


Dear @kezza,

People are worried about getting/not getting into Airbus and all you ask is about welcome bonus? FYI it’s reflected in your first month salary.