Airbus Graduate Scheme 2019



Hello all, hope you all are doing great!

I created this topic in order to share your experiences throughout the 2019 Airbus Graduate Scheme recruitment process. Did anyone give the online assessment tests for the UK Graduate Programme? How was your experience since the online application process started?



I have just received the online tests. I think it’s different from last year as this time we are supposed to play a game. If anyone has done it, can you please share your experience ?


I have done the tests and got a score of 8503, not sure what that means and think its out of 10000. Lots of them were reaction based which is ridiculous in my opinion. The game itself ranges from very easy to very hard.


I got a similar score too. I had a part where I needed to recognize some facial expressions based on feelings like happiness, anger, and so forth. I must say, it was a little bit awkward.


Thanks for the help. I just completed them, how do you know if you have passed or not ?


How long did it take to get that email ?


I mean isn’t that illegal? I think you have to replicate performance at AC


Hi @consultingengineer

Yes, it is illegal. That user was identified as a spammer and his posts have been deleted.


Does someone have a clue when our application status will be updated ?


Mine is still saying Recruiter/HR review , don’t know if it’s a good or bad sign .


After reading previous forums and glassdoor reviews, I think the process for AC acceptance/rejection will take about a month or maybe more.


Hi buddy,

I completed my online assessment a.k.a skyrise city game yesterday and scored 8104 out of 10000 points. It has 10 levels and the app collects 5000+ data points for any user to predict the personality. And the levels are mostly reaction based, so no amount of preparation will help since this is going to be a personality assessment. My application status is now in “Recruiter/HR review” for the past 2 days. the game experience was a really good one, but you need to focus keenly and concentrate on the game while playing, so make sure you are isolated from any sort of disturbances during the test. Hope you do well and share your side of the experience too. Cheers mate!


Hi mates,

I hope you had a good week and I wanted to announce you that Airbus started to send emails regarding our application status as their deadlines is approaching. They told me that I match with their profile, how about you guys ? I hopeyou got accepted as well.


I recieved also this email before several minutes.


Same here , I guess the next step will hopefully be the AC except if they’ve changed the whole process.


From older posts I observed that an AC will be held in January or February 2019, that is too much time to wait


Yep guys. Its true. I have received the same email as well. November 4th is the closing date, beyond which they will notify of the AC’s.


Hey guys,
I think before AC there should be a HireVue interview.


Yeah similar to last year I believe.


Hi what schemes have you applied to?