Airbus Graduate Scheme 2018



Hello all, hope you all are doing great!

I created this topic in order to share your experiences throughout the 2018 Airbus Graduate Scheme recruitment process. Did anyone give the online assessment tests for the UK Graduate Programme? How was your experience since the online application process started?

Airbus international graduate programme 2018

Thank you!
I was about the submit my CV in the Candidate Cockpit, but it’s given me technical error.
I’ve tried it on different browsers, on different machines, on different internet connection but nothing… is anyone else having the same problem with uploading documents?


Make sure Adobe Flash player is installed on your PC. I did the 3 online tests this morning. Waiting for a reply.


Hi! After how many days your status changed? Thanks


What are the three tests? Applied for sales & marketing one and unsure what to expect


I’m having the exact same problem as fra-bara. Did you find a fix??


Who to address the cover letter to? It isn’t mentioned anywhere. Would appreciate if someone could help me with this one.


My application has been on ‘manager review’ now for a few weeks - anyone else in this situation? Or anyone been progressed through to an assessment centre yet?


I am at the ‘manager review’ stage. I received the security clearance questionnaire a week prior.


I just got converted from HR review to Manager review today. I completed my online test. May I know which graduate programme did you apply to?


Hi, what happens after your status is changed from “Application review” to “Recruiter/HR Review” ?


I applied for Thermal/Mechanical/Propulsion Systems Engineering role. You?


It usually means that you have done the aptitude tests and someone from HR is reviewing your scores. If you passed the aptitude tests for the role applied, you’ll advance to “Manager Review”.


Today my status changed to Manager Review, how long did you wait for the security clearance questionnaire? Should I wait for an email in these days?


Was waiting on Manager Review for ages but just got invited to the 21st Feb assessment centre in Portsmouth a couple of days ago. Anyone else invited to the same day?


Off the top of my head, I think it was roughly 2 weeks between progressing to Manager Review and receiving the questionnaire. Yeah they will send it to you in an email


May I know which graduate programme did you apply to?


My security questionnaire came a few days before it changed to Manager Review, and then I received another (same) security questionnaire which I filled in as well. Pretty strange but probably just a glitch in their system. Still waiting at the Manager Review step.


Hey Congrats ! What position did you apply for ? And how long you’ve been under manager review ?


I applied for Project Management.