Airbus Graduate Scheme 2017



I have applied to the Airbus Graduate Scheme 2017 for the Aircraft Operability Graduate Program.

Anyone else applied for the 2017 Airbus Graduate scheme ? What is the status of your application?


So you can find two lists of companies in the UK who run graduate schemes: the first shares application deadline dates for companies that have them, the second list details companies with ongoing applications.
With this information you will be able to plan your applications and keep track of how much time you have to apply for your target grad schemes. Remember – these dates are only deadlines for submissions, it’s always best to get your applications in as soon as possible!


Space Systems and Mechanical Quality here.


I applied for GNC Engineering Graduate Program.


what status is your application?
and have you had an invitation to an AC or a phone interview yet?!


Is anyone else on Manager Review?


Yes i have 2 applications on manager review!
Any idea what the next stage is?!!



Same here, 2 applications under manager review. I received an email for each some weeks ago informing that more information about the outcome of the application would be communicated before the Christmas shutdown.

I guess that we will be informed then if we have been selected or not to attend to an AC, which may take place from January to March 2017.

Please, can anyone of you tell us if your application status has changed from "Recruiter/HR review "or “Manager review” to “Interviews”?

Thanks in advanced and good luck with your applications.


Same here, four applications on Manger Review. Just got to keep our fingers crossed for the AC. Good luck everyone!


What jobs have you guys applied for? =)

Ive applied for 2 jobs in Stevenage (UK), Digital System Engineer and Simulation Software Engineer.


Mechanical/Stress Analysis Engineer at Airbus DS in Stevenage and Structures Engineering at Airbus in Bristol. Keeping my fingers crossed.


Anyone heard anything yet?


Nothing yet


Got an interview for one, rejected for the other.

Interview I got a phone call about, for the rejection I just recieved an email.


My application is still under ‘Management Review’. Has anyone received any further correspondence?


Me too applied for the 2017 intake but i have got any response yet.