Airbus Graduate Scheme 2017



Hello everybody. Have you got any news? Unfortunately, after a couple of months waiting under manager review I have got rejected. Honestly it is a bit annoying that they did not say why this happened and I did not have the possibility to be assessed with a real interview. I was expecting the interview to be a natural consequence of reaching the “manager review” stage, but of course I was wrong. Never mind, I can focus on other applications now. Good luck to who is still competing! I wish you can get the chance to be interviewed.


Hello Alex, I just got the same news as you. After months of waiting under Manager Review, I got rejected as well. Disappointing to say the least, but it’s out of our reach. Nevertheless, like you said, all the best to those who are still waiting and hopefully you can also get a chance to be interviewed.


any news? someone recived call or invitation?


Hello everybody, i received an email saying i have to go to a testing event. it says i will have to do an 75 minute exam, however it doesn’t state what the exam will be based on, all it says is bring a black pen and a calculator. I would really appreciate a quick reply if anyone has any ideas of what the exam is based on.


Hello everyone, can anyone confirm that this year’s graduate recruitment process is completed?


A member of my family has the same email. Can you tell me what the exam is about - roughly?


Hi, I applied. I’m glad to meet another of us!
Currently have an invitation to the testing day on the 1st of april, trying to prepare for that. BTW does ANYONE have ANY IDEA what it will be about? Do you think they’re just trying to make a fool of us and there is no test (april the first)?

How about you?
Bon chance!

Also, I wouldn’t recommend trying to ask for help. They will probably be very specific that you and you alone have to complete the tests…


Hey guys,
I am waiting to apply for the international graduate program 2018. Could anyone advise about the procedures?
Any advise that you think could be helpful for the application and during the process is much appreciated.



Could you please confirm What kind of graduate prog u applied. is it international graduate program ?


What sort of questions are asked in the pre-recorded interview for IGP 2018? Cheers!


Hi, have you applied to the IGP 2018?, have you gotten an answer yet?


Did you got any update from Airbus after the pre-recorded interview?


did you get one? Please tell guys if you have received any news!


No…I didn’t received any update after the pre-recorded interview.


Do you know approximately when we would know ?


Actually, for those who have been selected for assessment center has been contacted by Airbus before 1 week.
Others ,those who are still waiting (including me) will get official rejection soon.