Airbus Graduate Scheme 2017



Hi, have you emailed them about application review?


Yes, here is the answer :
Hi ,

Thank you for your email enquiring about the status of your application.

We will be in contact with all candidates to confirm whether their application is being progressed to the next stage of the recruitment process. We contact all candidates via email or telephone to confirm this information. If we have not yet been in contact it means your application is still under review; please be assured we will always let you know the outcome of your application and you can check the status by logging in to your Airbus Candidate Cockpit.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time, and will be in touch soon.

Many thanks for your interest in working with Airbus Group.


They called me on 20th Nov at about 11 pm in the night. I was half asleep when i took the call


So, I think we have to wait some more time. Hope we receive a call in new year.


Thank you for informing. You applied for structures engineering?


I applied to the “Future Projects graduate” offer.


Okay… if your application status changes, kindly share at this forum. I have also applied for that position.


they are really slow. I applied in October for position, I am on manager review since 5.11.2016, they sent email they will call or send email till christmas , but still nothing… they are so slow!


They might be… But we have to wait since its holidays and let them enjoy this with their families. We should be getting something in January. From what I have read from other Airbus forums that they even call in January or February, someone has got a call even his/her application was on application review stage. If anyone gets the call or email we should atleast update status and position applied here, so that everyone is updated of what is happening.
And others like me who are on application review stage we should not get disappointed, its just might be we are waitlisted.
So let hope for the best and happy holidays and prosperous new year to everyone.


Mine has been at manager review since October. hopefully will be receiving an update after Christmas. fingers crossed


Hi, anyone applied for Manufacturing Engineer position or other and took tests in December or late November ?


I applied for Flight Physics and took test on last days of November but my application is still under review


Anyone whose application is still under review?


Mine is still under Manager review since October and I applied for their Mechanical, Thermal and Propulsion Graduate Programme.


Hi, mine is still under manager review too. Have you been asked to upload a document named “Information Form”? I did it in November, but I have not got any news since then.


Hi Alex. Yes, I’ve done that in November as well. I’m in the same situation as you at the moment.


Thanks for letting me know. Finger crossed and good luck!


I did the online assessments for the Flight Physics Internship at the start of December and my application status has been Manager Review since half December. Some people I know already heard that they were rejected before the Christmas break. Anyone here already heard something for Flight Physics?


Be hopeful, yours wasn’t rejected


Anyone for Manufacturing Engineer, Thermal power or System space