Airbus Graduate Scheme 2017



They’ve sent me the email now.
It says to respond by the 21st if i’m able to attend, so im guessing the christmas closedown is around the 21st.
Fingers crossed the rest of the applications are processed by then.

Good luck guys :slight_smile:


I had my application under Manager Review for over a month so don’t panic if yours still is. My candidate cockpit changed to interviews yesterday so I’m just waiting on a phone call or email with some further information. You’ll all hear back next week as I’m pretty sure it Christmas close down is the 21st


Check your emails as well guys!

I got an email rejecting me for my other application this morning :confused:
Annoying that they don’t give you any feedback as to why!!


any news? I am still on manager review.


I am still on application review


Same for me, still on application review… I’m going to contact them to know if I’m still being considered.


I still have one manager review left after 2 other ones that were rejected. I’m sure this one will be the same but still no answer and the Christmas shutdown is supposedly tomorrow.


same… we will see tomorow


I am also still on application review. So I emailed Airbus and I got this reply:
“Your application is still in process. However, you will receive an email as soon as the recruitment process for this application has been completed.”


Hi guys,
I am from India. I had applied for the structures graduate program. I got a call yesterday asking me to attend the assessment center on Feb 14 at Bristol. Anyone else been invited the same day. Also could any one guide me through the process , like what type of visa to get and stuff. Thanks !!


hey when did you apply?


I had applied on 14th Nov, 2016.
By the way, please let me know if anyone from India is attending AC around the same time.(Feb 2017)


You can ask Airbus for travel arrangements on, they will provide you with required details


Thanks …will do that.


No problem. But be quick since they reply after some time i.e from 1 day to 1 month. I am also from India and waiting for a reply. Can you elaborate at which time Airbus called you.


They called me at lunch today (left a message asking to call me back), but I was away unfortunately. My status for the position has been changed to Interviews - does this mean that they want to have a phone interview?


Congrats! Don’t worry. Just call them back. They will give the date on which you have to attend assessment centre ( if you have not received any email informing this) and there is no phone interview.


Anyone still waiting on application review stage or received a call/email for assessment centre.


still waiting on manager review stage…


Still on application review…