Airbus Graduate Scheme 2017



A week’s notice? Wow that seems unfair! I mean the visa alone takes a couple of weeks sometimes and that is if you’re lucky enough to find an appointment that time.


I had an AC for RR, they paid for everything and gave me around 10 days notice. My application is currently under manager review, not long ago I was asked to upload a security clearance form. Did any of you have to of that?


I am also selected to get to pass the online test. I took some trainings on but it is expansive as hell and not that useful IMHO.


Hey, Thanks for the information. I have a quick question for you. In your security clearance form, in the ‘Personal Info- Your partners info’ , what should someone who is single write? Could you please let me know asap? Thanks in advance.


Just don’t write anything.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


have any of you already been to the AC?

i have 2 applications under manager review.
is there a phone interview before invitation to an AC?


I took the online tests on Friday, and I don’t have any confirmation email. My submission is still “under review” on the Airbus group “cockpit candidate”. Is it normal ?


I am still waiting for the results from online tests I took two weeks ago. My status in the candidate cockpit also says “application review”. I just hope that they didn’t somehow forget about my application. Any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated at this point.


After taking the online tests my status stayed at ‘application review’ for almost a month!
I wouldn’t worry about it.
If you haven’t had an email rejecting you shortly after taking the tests I assume you’re being considered still. (Dont hold me to that though!)

Also - i thought i did terribly at the online tests… i barely answered any questions and still got through.


thank you for your answer ! :slight_smile:


Still waiting for an answer but nothing… They said we should expect the outcome before Christmas shutdown. Isn’t that this week?


I got a phone call this morning inviting me to an assessment centre in february! :smiley: (soo happy!!!)
My application status changed to ‘interviews’ this morning and I got a phone call a few hours later so have a look online! Good luck guys!
Also, it wasn’t a phone interview or anything, so no need to panic!


Congratulations! Mine are still under Manager Review and nothing yet.
May I ask what position did you get the call for and if it’s Airbus or Airbus D&S?


Mine is still under manager review… I want to know already!! Where is everyone from?


Congrats! Still under manager review! Starting to get anxious now! What did the phone call entail? Was there any description of what would happen at the assessment centre?


It was for digital systems engineer at Airbus D&S in Stevenage.
The phone call was a lady, I assume in the admin office, just letting me know the manager has seen my application and wants to invite me to an assessment centre February 23rd in Stevenage, she said she would email me details over but I haven’t received the email yet. She didn’t tell me anything about what will happen there but I assume there will be some info in the email…
I applied for 2 positions.
I applied for the one I received the call about back in September, about a week or so after the jobs were uploaded on the website, so I’m guessing they’re calling in the order of the applications. I only submitted my other application a few weeks ago and that one is under ‘manager review’ still.
I’m from Cambridge where you guys from?


Still nothing :confused: I sent them an email to ask if I should expect an answer before tomorrow but still no response.


What email adress are you using to contact them ?