Airbus Graduate Scheme 2017



Does anyone apply Airbus graduate program 2017???
Would you like to share your status updates?

Do you have any trick to get pass the online test?


Here is some more information on their tests from another site to help you prepare for the tests you can practise at, hope that helps, good preparation and awareness is always a good start :slight_smile:


My application is in the manager review stage. Which program have you applied to??


I applied not long ago to some graduate programs in various places in the UK. Did the tests online, now my applications are under HR review.
Do you guys know the next step? And is me being from outside the UK and Europe an issue?


I think it goes like this:

  1. Application submitted
  2. HR/Recruiter Review
  3. Manager Review
  4. Assessment Centre
  5. Offer

I am not sure if Airbus sponsor visa but you might want to search on their website.


my application is also in the manager review stage… what is next?
I applied for marketing program… you?


Aircraft operability


They will make a decision after the closing date, 25th nov


I want to know it too.


Anyone got some some sort of response? My applications that have been on HR review got rejected after some time except for one, and I have two manager reviews since like a month but no response.
Anyone had a call or something?


How long did it take to find out whether you have passed or failed the online tests?


I don’t know exactly but it didn’t take long I think. I remember taking the tests and then checking on the platform more than a week later and the were on HR review. And now if I apply to another position, I get invited to the tests, I don’t take them cause they only consider the first one you take and in a matter of a few days it goes to HR review.
I noticed that being rejected from HR doesn’t take very long, but the applications I have under manager review have been that way since a few weeks now with no response.


Hey guys. How long does it actually take to know results? I took online exams a week ago and have not received an email. Maybe I should expect a rejection letter soon? Any body who’s in the same scenario as mine? TIA!


Always look in the platform (candidate cockpit) you would see wether it is rejected or still under review or it passed to the hr or manager.


Mine is still at Application Review. I received an reminder email about taking online tests. Btw, I applied to more than one position but I took only one exam, so I think I’m done with it and don’t need to take another one.

And ya512, are you outside of Europe too?


Yes you only have to take the test once.
Yes I am outside of Europe.
I received an email saying that we should expect answers before the Christmas shutdown.


They sent e mail before few days… “If your application is under ‘HR or manager review’ your application is still under consideration, the out come of your application will be communicated before Christmas shut down”


I applied earlier this week and completed the online tests.

On average, I completed around half of all the questions/tasks. I’m not optimistic, but then again, the outcome probably depends on the average scores of other candidates for the same position. Time will tell.

In some of the older topics, others have stated that one shouldn’t worry if he or she is not from Europe. They surely wouldn’t invite people to online tests, if there was some sort of problem with their country of residence.

Oh, and if I understood correctly, the AC part is done in one day. The hotel stay is paid for, but it seems that travel expenses might be a different story. There is still a lot of waiting to be done until that part, but it’s better to be prepared than be invited to an AC while not having enough money to buy a plane ticket.

Here are relevant topics that I’ve found so far:

The last one has quite a bit of information, although some of it may be outdated. Please post other sources if you know any.

Thank you and good luck to everyone!


Thanks for the info.
Do you have an idea on when tests will be held? It sucks that if we get invited we have to pay for travel expenses, I did not know that.
Do you know if we applied for different positions, the AC is for every position or we have to attend an AC for each one?


Most said that they were called to an AC during February and received notice about a week earlier. But it all depends. There were some extreme cases where people were called only a day or two before the assessment day (someone probably withdrew their application).

Maybe this year the travel expenses will be paid for, who knows.

As for your last question, I have no idea. I was mostly looking for information about the online tests, so I might have missed such cases. Let’s hope someone with more experience shows up and tells us more.