Airbus Graduate Scheme 2016



I was told 2-3 weeks for an answer . But it’s already my 5th week soon… lol but that was maybe for “Manager Review”… Is your application in Manager Review too?


Yep, still on Manager Review… I guess they will send answers to everyone on the same date? Let’s hope they choose soon, haha.


oh just saw everyones answer ! same here noo update still in manager review status.
Well i guess we’ll have an answer max next week since it’s the last week of April :slight_smile:
I’m dying to have an answer !!! plus questions on the phone interview were quite tricky not sure i got them right >.>


Tell me about it! I think everyone is going crazy waiting to hear back. I can’t imagine getting rejected after all the stress, preparation, and waiting, but I guess I should prepare for anything.


My recruiter sent me an email today and she said the selection board should contact me by the end of the week, and if I don’t hear from them by Monday I should contact her, so hopefully we only have to wait a couple of days more :smiley:


Probably you did right, an that’s why you are on manager review :slight_smile: I got told people who are on manager review were short listed from all the people they interviewed, according to what my interviewer said, we should have an answer by the end of the week :wink:


Lucky you get an answer when you send an email… Thank you for the info!


Hey guys… Any news?


So I have finally received an invitation for the assesment center in Munich on May 24th! Geez :slight_smile:


Hey, is anyone here going to the assessment center in Munich on the 25th?


24th… What’s your targeted area?


Same! But Which discipline are you targeting?


I got 25th too :smiley:


24th too !! wonder if there are prior dates though, end of May seems so far away.
Which discipline ? not sure when applying i didn’t specify any business discipline so guess it could be marketing, sales or finance. How do u know ?


Nice congrats ! let’s keep it up for the last stage :slight_smile:


Probably the earliest is 23/24th of May… Normally, They would ask you in which department you want to work during the phone interview… Are youze, @NewGrad2016 and @CuD from Europe by any chance?


nop for they just said they would choose themselves according to my profile so i guess it’s either marketing or finance since i have experience in both. Yes France you ?


Hi guys, congrats on the AC news! Is anyone else also still in Manager Review?


I think everyone still is because the status doesn’t necessarily change after receiving the AC invites.


Same than NewGrad2016, I was told depending on my abilities I would be placed wherever they need me. Either way, it should be in an engineering department. And no, I am not from Europe