Airbus Graduate Scheme 2016



HI guys,
I guess you guys already passed the online test. Has anyone paid for Testprep-online before did the test?
I paid it once and I found that it was not similar to the real one. I also took the test for Airbus and I did not pass it. Would you please give me an advice how to pass it. Because I applied for another company which also use Cut-e test. Thank you


Has anyone been invited to the AC for Structures Engineering?


Two days ago I received the rejection mail for the Structural Engineering programme…


Hi, what is the process for international applicants who are applying for a graduate programme in Airbus Defence and Space Uk. How would they provide assessment centres for the International applicant?, They will conduct online?


Hi, I applied for the Airbus International Graduate Program in March, and the only thing I have done is the phone interview. I saw that most or all of you have done tests, but I haven’t, and my application is currently in Manager Review. Is anyone in the same situation? Will I get the tests after the Manager Review?


On the same status as yours.
This one does not have the process like taking the online tests.
I was wondering where you are from?


Oh, so for the IGP, we won’t need to take online tests? I’m from the Philippines, and you?


Oh wow! So am I! You’re in the Philippines right now right?


No, i’m in spain.


Okay cool. From France. Regarding the online test, i don’t think it’s done before AC… It could be done at AC, although not sure. But next step is to be chosen by the manager which is the “manager review” right now.


Alright, thank you! Good luck on your application!


No problem. Likewise!


Good luck on your application guys. From a fellow kababayan :wink:


Salamat @MrP :slight_smile:


Hey again @GD? Do you have any updates regarding your application? :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I am also in the same boat. Waiting for any updates regarding the AC. My interviewer had said that they’d be done with interviews 2 weeks ago but no updates so far. I sent a follow up email and was told they were preparing for the next steps of the process.


My interviewer said we would have feedback by the end of April but hopefully sooner rather than later.


I haven’t heard from them yet.


Oh okay, thank you for the information. Could you please PM me your interviewer’s name if you don’t mind? Thank you



I was told to wait 7 to 10 days for news, if they didn’t contact me I could reach the recruiter after this time has passed. Today is the 9th day, and I am dying to now. But maybe as the other commenter said, we will have to wait until the end of April.