Airbus Graduate Scheme 2016



I wasn’t referring to the status that appears in the start page.
On the left side of the recruiting website there’s a highlighted button where is written ‘Open Data Overview’. Clicking on it, the browser opens a PDF file which summarizes all your data and the opened candidatures.
In my case, in that PDF file, every candidatures status shows ‘In Process’, regardless the status of the start page (‘Application review’, ‘HR/Recruiter review’ or ‘Manager review’).
As I haven’t been invited yet to an AC, I would like to know if the status in that PDF file also changes when receiving the invitation to an AC.


No it doesn’t. It will be still shown as ‘In Process’ even if you got selected for AC


Hi there. I applied in last week of september for “Aircraft architecture and integration” (undergraduate Internship), in Bristol. It is still under Recruiter/HR review. Somebody in the same position? Is there any way to contact them? Thanks a lot


Hello!!! Any updates for anybody?


Nothing for me! (Electronic and System Engineer positions)


No news are not good news this time… :frowning: Same from here. Keep your fingers crossed.


Hey all just with the amount of confusion going on with applications I thought I’d clear up the process. I dont work for airbus, just had alot of experience with them in internship/graduate roles. The stages go as follows:

Registered -> Application review -> Recruiter/HR Review -> Manager Review -> Interviews -> To Be Hired.
At any point each stage can change to “Rejected”. When they reject you they will not call, just send you an email notifying the change in your application. Sometimes they will not email you at all. If the status says rejected on your candidate cockpit then unfortunately you should take it as it is. They don’t always update your status straight away (Eg. I am confirmed for AC, but still says Manager Review) so don’t panic if they have informed you otherwise. Obvious one but remember that all roles are assessed by different managers so don’t panic if other people have had interviews where you haven’t had any contact. There’s no point contacting HR regarding your application as I’m sure they don’t lose applications, its all automated from what I’ve heard. Hope this helps someone.


Really nice summary! Thank you!


Thank you for that information. Really helpful. Also, in case there might be other people in the same boat as me, my status has been Manager Review since November last year (on the Fuel & Inert systems role)…so I think patience is a good thing to have here!!


Hi Mr. Fox,

Congrats on getting to the assessment centre stage and hopefully it went well yesterday!


Morning chaps & chapettes…has anyones application status changed after they attended the assessment centres?


Hey dude! I have mine a week’s time. Hopefully yours went well. Did they say how long it will take for them to get back to you?


I had mine a fortnight ago and I thought it went reasonably well for most of it but then I completely messed up the technical part. They said it would normally take up to 2 weeks for the decision, but my status changed to ‘To Be Hired’ yesterday, and although I know it seems like good news, I’m a bit sceptical because I haven’t had a phone call or anything to confirm this. I’m scared incase its a mistake!!


Congratulations GH84 !!!


Congrats! Really good news for you. I would be positive and just wait now for that confirmation to come!


Has anyone had any type of interview for the fuel and inerting placement year? My status has been interviews for a while but heard nothing …


Has anyone had news from Structures Engineering DEG?


Still under Manager review


Me too…I was wandering if someone has already been invited for the AC for this programme. We are at the end of Feb and still no news :frowning:


Cheers guys! Much appreciated…still no further contact though so not sure whats going on!!