Airbus Graduate Scheme 2016



Its good to know that is a different one that mine! :slight_smile: I applied to Spacecraft Propulsion Systems Engineer and Product Development. Good luck! Let us know if the call is an interview or just an invitation.


Has anyone been invited for assessment day? I have applied for the structures engineering graduate scheme, anyone else going for that?

P.S am still on ‘Manager Review’


I have also applied for the same position, still under Manager review.


Hello everybody!
In November I applied for 2 graduate schemes. I did the tests and after a while I got an email saying I was rejected for one of them. Nothing was mentioned about failing the tests.
From the other I did not receive anything yet. The only thing is that on my personal website both are mentioned as rejected. Is the status mentioned on the website accurate?
I already contacted Airbus a couple of times but nobody is answering to my emails.


Hi Verkaik, sorry to hear that. Since nothing was informed in your rejection letter regarding failing the online assessment, I think you might have been rejected while shortlisting the applications that need to be send for manager review. Rather than sending email, I would suggest you give them a ring (number is given in the letter you received after submitting the application).


Hello ask1990!!!
Did you get the call? If so, was it a phone interview or just an invitation?


Hello HSM, Finally I received the call yesterday evening. It was just an invitation for the assessment centre (not an interview) and confirming my availability for the same.


Congratulations​ and good luck! I’m still waiting.


Thank you :slight_smile: Good luck to you too. I think they are planning to have the assessment centres from mid of Feb till March end.


Hey there Ask1990. Just to confirm with you that the assessment center does include the interview. I have been to one for my previous Internship with Airbus two years ago and have this confirmed again for my grad application in February. The assessment centre will include:
-Group Exercise
-Business Scenario
-Interview with a representative from your target department
-Retesting ability (i.e. numerical, verbal, logical) at their discretion

Which day is your AC? If it’s 24th, I look forward to seeing you there!


I have been. Set for 24 February


Hi Mr.Fox, What I meant in my previous reply to HSM was HR called me to invite for the AC and no telephonic interview was involved. Anyway congrats for getting selected to AC. Mine is on 16th of Feb.


Hi, what do you mean by personal website?


He meant his candidate cockpit profile which summarizes your applied positions and statuses


Has anyone of those who have been invited to an AC checked their Open Data Overview tab? I wonder if there’s also any change in the status.

By the way, anyone had been contacted for the Airbus D&S graduate schemes? It seems that the most of the invitatiobmns have been for the Airbus graduates.



Hello there! I applied in November for a Graduate Programme in Bristol. I was sent the tests and completed them within 7 days. I check the Airbus Cockpit regularly, but it hasn’t changed from “Application review” yet. Anyone in the same situation? Should I contact HR?


Hello, I believe that’s the status for majority of the applicants right now. Even I do have two applications for airbus (one of it with Bristol) which I submitted in 3rd week of Oct - the one at Bristol is under application review and other one still under HR/Recruiter review. The good news is they have started sending invitation for AC. So hopefully you will hear from HR in next two weeks


Thanks :wink:


Apparently, it’s the case :frowning: . Mine are still in Manager Review for two months now!


Both my applications to Airbus are still under HR / Recruiter review. Been like that since past the online psychometric tests.