Airbus Graduate Scheme 2016



has anyone made any progress from HR/Review?


not yet,its been over a month,they sent me a security form which i attached.But status still showing HR review.


Hi, Glad to see I’m not the only one in this situation, as it’s been a while since I am in HR review and I started to think that my process didn’t pass and they forgot to update my status. Let’s hope for the best then


I am in Manager Review phase and I received an email saying that my application is being fully considered and that I will hear from them in the future.


I contacted airbus. They said there was some technical glitch in their system and they have fixed it now… so they shall be contacting the applicants again anytime this week.


When did you complete the online assessment and what scheme did you apply for?


I complete my assigments around 20 days ago and applied for the Graduate Mission and Systems Scheme


i gave my test on nov 10,its been over 35days and i am still in HR review,they sent me the security questionnaire,think only if i pass the security they send for manager review…


I’m still at “manager review” since a while now! I applied for: Electronics Engineer and System Engineer! Received Security Questionnaire for both, but now no answers! When are we going to receive a feedback?


Hi everyone. I have applied to four graduate positions and last week they were on Manager Review. Today, one of them says Interviews. Does anyone know what this means?


probably you were shortlisted for interview,good luck…i m yet to hear anything yet,and its worrying


Good luck with your interview. Is it possible to know the position that you got the update.


Good Luck. I am on manager review since ages, probably more than 1.5 months.



I’ve also applied to several graduate roles this year. Some of them are under ‘Manager review’ and some other under ‘Recruiter/HR review’. I figure that in the first case my candidature is being studied by the specific manager for the position and in the second one by a recruiter. I don’t know if those status are in the same level of the recruitment process as I’ve followed the same steps for every of them. Do you have any idea about it?

Two years ago I was selected to attend to an assesment centre and I was contacted by phone by mid-February. After confirming my assistance, I was sent the information and forms to fill in order to continue the process.

Good luck!


So you already did a graduate program? Isnt this your first one? I guess that we all should wait by mid febreuary for an answer.


No, unfortunately I wasn’t selected for the position. I was lucky to be invited to an assessment centre.

If you want more information about the status of your candidatures, I recommend you to look at the ‘Open Data Overview’ tab in the Airbus recruitment site. In my case, all of them say ‘In Process’, regardless the status of the start page.


Received a call yesterday - Interview and assessment day confirmed for Wednesday 24th Feb! :slight_smile:
Feeling very happy and fortunate right now :slight_smile:


Congratulations! It will be a long day but it’s worth every single minute. Could you please tell us for which position were you notified? Good luck! :smiley:


Hi, Good luck. Did your status change on the online application form or something? I am on manager review since quite a while now.


Thankyou! Product Integrity & airworthiness :slight_smile: