Airbus Graduate Scheme 2016



Hi Spirit, there is one more stage after HR Review which is the Manager Review. HR Review doesnt mean you passed the online tests, because I think I didnt fail the online tests and my first application was rejected at the HR Review stage whereas my second application is now onto Manager Review which probably means I didnt fail the tests. So, keep you fingers crossed and nobody is really sure what the exact process is. Someone failed the online tests and was notified that he did fail, so if you dont get any standard email back about that you failed the tests, you are probably still in the game. Good Luck!!!


can you tell us after how many days your HR Review status were updated


Hello Friends
Can anyone tell me about the Airbus recritement process for graduate program?


1.well you apply to the programme,
2.if they like your CV they will invite you for internet assessment test which you have to finish within 7days.
3.If you pass the tests your application will be updated to HR Review.
4.If you pass their review they will send you security clearance form which you have to fill and attach to your profile.
5.If their security officer gives green signal to the security clearance they will send to hiring manager.
6.If Hiring manager sees you fit for the position you applied they will call for AC.
7.Attend AC,if you do well in GD,personal interview,technical interview then well done you are hired.


Thank you so much


How long it will take to know test results?


I completed the 3 psychometric tests a week ago. And today I have received an email asking me to fill out the security check form. But dosent state whether or not I have passed the tests. Has anybody else been asked to complete the security check form?
Btw , I have applied for the.
Mechanical thermal propulsion engineer role.


Hello all!
Anyone got something after uploading the Secure Hiring Questionnaire?


Hi everyone

Just to let you know we recently published this article about the application process and assessment centre at Airbus:

Good luck all!

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Is everyone still at “Manager Review”, my status says that for I believe about 20 days now! Any updates guys?


Same here. I think applications for all the graduate positions closes on the 30th Nov, so I’m hoping to receive an update sometime early December. Good luck! Please post it on here if you get an update and I’ll do the same.


If you received the security clearance form, it’s most likely that you passed the tests. Else you would have gotten a message saying that you weren’t successful. Good luck


That’s great… Thanks…


I would like to ask that how many questions did you attempt in the 3 sections for the online test?
Just wonder that how many questions we should reach to get pass.


Any news regarding Assessment Centres?


I have been asked to complete a security clearance check form… but there was only one attachment in my email, telling me how and what to do… there was no form attached as such… does anyone of you have similar issue? any advice?


I received two attachments. One requestvletter, and the second was a single page form that needed to be completed and returned. With basic details of you and your partner, address, Dob and place of birth.


I have had the same issue, only the letter to say fill out the form, but no letter. Have you resolved the problem?


I dropped them an email regarding it. Still haven’t heard back. Will keep you updated


I didn’t get any firm :confused: