Airbus Graduate Scheme 2016



Nop. I just received a form to complete and upload named questionnaire on secure hiring


Hi Guys,

Did anyone receive an Information Form for a security background check after passing the online tests? I received mine last week. I’m trying to figure out exactly what the steps are before actually being invited for an interview.


Which position did you apply for ? I think the secure hiring information is required only for Airbus Defence and Space


Thanks for your reply! I applied to the graduate lean manufacturing engineer position in UK. I don’t really know if the position is under the Defense and Space division, but they asked me to fill the form within two working days and submit it online. Still waiting for an update. Good luck to you!


Space and Defense positions are mostly located in Stevenage. I think once you pass the security check your application is sent to the manager who decide if you can or not be invited at the assessment day. I think manager review is the last step before the AC.


My two applications are under Manager Review but it is with Airbus Filton (not Defence and Space). I did not receive any questionnaire yet.


Thanks guys! this was helpful. I hope it works out for all of us and we run into each other at the assessment center!haha. good luck!


I too had applied for a position with Defence and Space. Didn’t get any response till yest. So thought it was rejection. But I too got a mail today, similar to yours, asking to upload the security questionnaire. Did you get any mail after uploading it for eg. a confirmation mail or something.


I didn’t get a confirmation email. I submitted it online under the attachment section. I’m still waiting to hear back from them. I’ll post again on the thread once I do.


Thanks :slight_smile: I too will post any update


Hi Guys,

I did the online tests back in like September and got a rejection email in the first week of October. It didn’t say anything like I failed the test or not, just a rejection. On that application it says “HR/Recruiter Rejected”. Also, I applied to a different role this time and now my application says, “Manager Review”. Does that mean I have got one step further than my previous application?

Can anyone shed some light on this please?

Thanks a lot!!!


From what I know, generally if you fail the online tests you are not eligible for this year’s graduate scheme and should try again next year. Having said that, none of us are certain about anything that is going on. I’ve been trying to figure out the application process as well and there really hasn’t been any consistency so far from the responds of people who have applied this year. All we can really do is wait and hope to get invited to the assessment center. Good Luck!


Hi, unfortunately I didn’t manage to pass the tests. Can I ask how many questions you have answered in cut-e tests? Good luck to all of you guys.


I think you could be rejected due to two reasons: 1. due to low score in online test. 2. Due to HR rejecting your application as he/she feels that your profile may not be match for the position you applied. In 1st case, it will be mentioned in your rejection letter that you didn’t score the min required score and hence you cannot apply for any other positions this year. In 2nd case, you are rejected only for the position you applied (which means you cleared the online test) and could apply for other positions. I think in your case the second position you applied for might be a better match that the first and hence HR has forwarded it to Manager. Hope its clear for you now.


Hi Nik, sorry to hear that. Did you get a specific email that you failed the test or something?

I cant remember how many questions I answered but it wasnt many.


Thannnks guys for the responses. You are probably right ask1990, my letter in the first rejection didn’t say that I failed the online tests or something. It did say I could still apply for another positions which I did. I can now contemplate because I applied for a more law based role in the first place and in the second instance I applied for a engineering based role as I do engineering.

Also, I think you got the secure hiring form or something? I can atleast tell you that I had to do it up when I went to interview in Airbus for my placement year. But it was only in a word format that I had to sent it to the HR after getting the invitation. So you might be up to something but I am not sure if your secure hiring form was the same that I got for my placement interview but it does ring a bell.


Thanks Anonymousarmani for the input regarding secure hiring form. I too received a single page word document with details such as name, address, nationality and partner details. I don’t think this form plays any role in selection unless there are any UK/EU restrictions associated with the position.


Hmm, maybe not then. Because the one I received for my placement year was like a 10 page form and it was the baseline security check form. Keep me updated whats happening with you and I appreciate your input!


i applied for Airbus Graduate Scheme,gave the tests on 10th Nov and yet to get a response.In the meantime i applied for another Graduate Scheme(Graduate Mechanical ,Thermal Propulsion) and they sent me a mail asking to attach the X-Other Questionnaire).I am not sure why i got this mail whereas i got no mail regarding my first application and they sent me invite directly.Also the X-Other Questionnaire is it the same questionnaire where they asked about ‘what is your motivation for this position’,‘do u have miinimum 2:1 degree’ etc? because first time i attached my degree certificate instead,and they sent me again to fill questionnaire,so this time i did and no reply.What’s going on ?


Guys as i wrote previously,i gave my online assessment tests on 10th Nov,now i saw in my profile its under Recruiter/HR review.Does it means i passed the online tests and whether i am selected for AC depends on the following review?