Airbus Graduate Scheme 2016



Where are you from? Does anyone know if we need to send flights quotes for approval or something? I was looking at flights yesterday but they are a bit expensive :confused:


My flight is quite expensive too, but I already bought it. They didn’t mention anything about approval on the email.


Oh good! I will buy it today then :smiley: see you on the 25th!


I think as long as you follow the travel guidelines they sent, you should be fine. I am from Mexico, and you? :slight_smile:


Good luck everyone for the AC. Is there anyone who got the date other than 24 and 25? And does anybody know how many candidates would there be per day? Well, I got 25th =) See you then!


Yo también!! :slight_smile:


Mine is on June 2nd, and I haven’t encountered anyone else going on that same day. :confused:


I wish i had gotten that date :frowning: I’m having issues to leave work for my interview on the 25th. What area are you targeting?


I’m the Business/Finance area, but I’m not sure how they assigned dates for the assessment. I assumed that all business people would be on one day, engineering another day and IT another, but I guess that’s not the case.


I have on June 2nd too
where are you from?


Hey guys, congrats on​ making it to the AS. Mine is on 24th too.


non related to the AC but did one of u speak about the possible salary with HR ? they gave me no clue so can’t really compare the IGP to other programs i’m applying to


I have no idea, that’s what I thought too. I got told that besides the 24th and 26th, they have AC on June 1st and 2nd too. I tried to change the date for mine but everyone has confirmed their assistance for those days :frowning:


i think it’s 24th and 25th of May & 1st and 2nd of June, right?


The salary will depend also on the country, That is why maybe it is early to talk about it
But if you have some experience and other job offers, I think you may negociate :wink:
Otherwise, I got the 24th too
Good luck everyone!


Oh but do you Know for which Country you are applying ? I do not :s i just Know it is an international program that didnt Tell me much


Yeah that’s what I think


France, Germany, Spain and UK. These are all possibilities for the 1st job (1st year) and for everybody (if I well understood ^^)


Did you guys receive any link for online personality questionnaire for AC?


Not yet. I was hoping they were waiting on everyone to confirm before sending it.