Airbus Graduate Scheme 2016



I have applied to the Airbus Graduate Scheme 2016 for the Landing Gear Engineering Graduate program.

I was lucky enough to be invited to complete the 3 on-line psychometric tests and I am currently waiting for their reply.

Anyone else applied for the 2016 Airbus Graduate scheme ? What is the status of your application?


Hi there

I’d definitely take a look at this thread, which may be useful for you:


I applied for the 2016 DEG scheme too and I did the tests last week. I am still waiting for the results. My application status is on “Recruiter/HR review”.


Hey there! How did you do with the tests? I think I did ok with the logical and numerical, not sure about the verbal (49 questions was a lot)!!


Actually I can’t say… Like you verbal was lot more difficult to me. Will see!


I did the cut-e tests for the Rolls Royce graduate programme and failed… so I’m dreading this… I’ve got 4 days but… heavens. Any advice guys? I keep getting stressed out and I can barely make half of the questions.


I applied for the Graduate scheme 2016 also. Did the online test and got a rejection email the following week. :frowning:


I am so sorry to hear that atxy!:frowning:
I am still waiting for a reply. I did the tests 2 or 3 weeks ago so I am hopeful!!


Hey Hamnim, how did you finally do with the tests? Hopefully all went well? Which programme have you applied to?


Hey!! I got the invitation to the test, too. And, I found I could pick up different language in the test. Do anyone has any idea whether it is matter to choose other language?


I did the test in greek! No it does kot matter. You are given the option and are free to use it!
How did you do?:slight_smile:


hi! How did you prepare for the test? Do you know any relevant links?


Has anyone of you been called for an AC, or at least received any communication about the tests? My application is under “HR/Recruiter Review” since a while.
Thanks :slight_smile:


hi…no communication yet. But my application status is shown as “manager review”.


Hi ask1990, thanks for your contribution!
So as far as we know there are 3 stages:
Application Review,
Hr/Recruiter review,
Manager review.
I guess that if you are successful at the manager review stage you are called for an AC.


How well did u do the test??
around how many questions did you attempt


around how many questions did you attempt in the 3 sections?


I have completed the Airbus psychometric tests and the status shows as “Manager review”, have you guys heard anything back from Airbus Group regarding the Assessment Center.


Does manager review mean you have passed the tests?


Thats what I thought as well. Any updates received from Airbus regarding the tests?