Airbus Graduate Scheme 2015



I thought I’d set up a forum thread for people applying for graduate roles at Airbus (any country), to ask questions about the company, job applications and the interview and assessment process. Any contributions appreciated!


Hello I have applied for graduate dsp engineer role and have appeared numerical and verbal but haven’t heard back any outcome of it. Which role have you applied for ?


I have applied for the Graduate Scheme at Aribus and invited to take an online test. Any idea about the exam structure in general?


Hello, I’ve just made verbal and numerical, but I guess I didn´t have a good performance… it’s impossible to answerd all the questions. how many could you answerd of each? because if I realize I had a bad performance I will pick up another job. I see that it an old post, did they call you? hope that yes…


there are tutorial to practise but they’re just a few. Have you made ?


Well Yes, I am done with the online test. Now my application is under review. Finger crossed. How about you?


I hope you’ve been great, Snigdha… in my case It wasn´t so good… I’ve just made 2 exams, but in the numerical one was bad (in my opinion) I could answer between 10 and 13 from the 39, I don’t remember well now, but I run out of time. what about you? so we can calculate a percentile between us, just to know, haha


I have applied for Software Development Engineer. I have completed online assessment on 3 Oct 15. It was unrealistic. Even PhD in Maths or English can’t finish the test within given time. I have managed to attempt 15 in Numerical, 16 in Verbal and 7 in Logical. Haven’t heard anything yet, finger crossed.


hi amit. yes, it is as you say… it’s impossible… I hope you have good luck. In my case I have the same us you, but actually 20 in verbal. and they regret my application. My be they do an average of the the appliers and you are lucky. BUt in my case wasn´t enough. Good luck in your job searching


Sorry to hear Nicholas. Thanks mate. Let see what Airbus has for me!!!



has anyone made any progress from HR/Review?