Airbus DEG


Hey guys,

I am looking forward to apply in Finance DEG at EADS (Airbus), but was confused if they consider applications from non-UK candidates. I am from Pakistan but my BSc is from a UK university.
I searched their website for it but could’nt find a proper answer. Also I have seen a couple of people who have applied for the same programme from across the globe.
So if anyone here has the experience of DEG or any knowledge regarding it, I would really appreciate if you can help.



For your information, I applied for a DEG in September (not in finance) and i was selected to pass psycho tests, nevertheless I am French and I am graduate by a french university.
So, I think it’s possible to realize a DEG in UK even if we are not english citizens and not graduate by an english university.
Good luck!


Thanks for the info…
Yes you are right, I contacted Airbus and they have confirmed that anyone can apply.
So how did your tests go? How were they?
And what do you suggest are the matters of key importance in the application?


I have applied at the beginning of October and was invited for the tests last week. i am very excited and cannot wait to hear back from Airbus. The test were quite hard and the time was extremely tight. Anyway, do you know how long does it take to hear back from them after tests ???


Hope you get a positive response from Airbus.
Btw which DEG programme did you apply for? I have applied for DEG Quality but haven’t heard from Airbus yet.



I applied for Procurement but just got to know that I did not pass the tests. I am really gutted. Be sure you have plenty of time to prepare and you are not ill as I was. Good luck everyone!


Thanks for replying and sorry to hear about the test.
I received an email from Airbus almost 2 months back that my application is under review and that they will contact me shortly but I haven’t heard anything from them yet. Do I take this as a positive sign?


Hey, I received the same email about a month efore they invited my for the test. You can always call and ask.


hi, how are your applications going?