Airbus Assessment Centre


Hi everyone,

I have an assessment centre coming up for direct entry graduate scheme in a couple of days and wondered if anyonehas been through the same or haveany advice. Any tips will be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:



Good to hear that you have an assessment coming up. What were your psychometrics scores?? I have done it till psychometrics but no calls for assessment center yet. When did airbus contact you for it??


Hi essam86,

Im glad u made it to the assessment centre n wish u best of luck. I had my online tests on 19 nov., I wonder how many days did it take for u to get reply after the tests. And how was ur results. My numerical was 10% top but verbal and logical were 30%.

Thanks in advance and good luck again



Thnx, I hope I can pass them too. I applied for engineering DEG as well


Cheers! yea sure, I will let u know when I get the result


Hi Essam86,

thx for the suggestion, it was really helpful. I sent an e-mail and they told me that I had to release my profile. After I had done that, I got another e-mail telling me that I passed the online tests. However it does not say anything about the date of the assesment centre


Hi guys, I finished my online test but the test always needed to be reset as there was always something wrong with the submission of VRT section and I was told to retake the VRT section. It happened 3 times and yet they still claim they havent got the VRT submission from me. Just so weird.

Gonna email them about this and see if they can solve this.

It seems they arrange ASC in Dec, Jan & March every year, so the first batch of ASC would be just before Xmas.

Good luck everyone.

PS: Wondering if anyone is setting up an Airbus UK DEG 2011 group in FACEBOOK?


Hi guys,

Has anybody got invitation to the assessment centre or any further info about it


Hi essam86,

me neither


Anyone from outside UK who got call for online test or Asc ??? because it seems they are only considering UK candidates…I applied for flight physics in middle of november but haven’t even got call for online test…!!!



Thanks Sam… I think VIE is for European graduates…may be PROGRESS is an option for international candidates…

I don’t know why they are accepting applications from international candidates if they don’t want to hire them.


I applied to the UK DEG and I’m not a UK citizen, I’ve been given the online test though.
As I speak German, Spanish, English & a bit of French I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be placed but as far as I was aware EU citizens could apply to the UK DEG :s


Yeah…may be they are only considering EU citizens. I still can apply for PROGRESS which is open for everyone (that’s what they are saying on website). My area of specialization is flight physics and they are not seeking flight physics guys in PROGRESS. So, for me DEG is only option.

Anyway my bad luck…

Thanks for the information.



I passed the online tests, still waiting for an invite to the ASC though :[


To “essam86”: Not yet, by the time they sorted out the online test bug I experienced it was already mid-Dec and I missed the structures ASC in Dec. My profile was passed on to the business area just before Xmas and I suppose they just started to review it after the break. What about you? Got invited?
Their HR staff told me they do take on more structures guys than Aerodynamics since structures is their largest domain in Filton site, in total roughly 50+ positions for engineering and 10+ for supporting functions are provided for DEG every year. I heard a very few of those engineering candidates will work in “Fatigue & Damage Tolerance(F&DT)” function which is not part of DEG training programme but a graduate job, so those guys dont go thru 2-year DEG training and they work under a different scheme.

To “b.masood”: Airbus UK DEG this year uses Kenexa as online test provider, not SHL. I presume they change test provider every year and “Progress” appliactions might not be assessed by Airbus UK HR but by EADS HR in continental Europe, one of my friend applied to “Progress” last year and received telephone interview from EADS Germany. So definitely different online test providers are used for DEG and Progress respectively.
I bought some practice tests from “” and from some other sites I cannot remember, just google it you will find loads.


Thanks for the details. I am yet to apply for DEG (flight physics) don’t know if there still will be an ASC available now… as you seem to know more about when they have ASC. I practiced kenexa, though very limited number of questions, every time I get the same grade © in numerical reasoning, even I changed my answers… anyhow… I wanted to ask you if there will be just a numerical + verbal reasoning test or more for the DEG online assessment? thanks for the reply in advance


Anyone hear anyything? I have a friend who was invited to the structures assessment centre on Monday - I still have no news for flight physics.


Hey guys, has anyone attended a recent Airbus assessment centre? Any tips?


Hi All
I have heard back from Airbus that i have been successful with my aptitude tests. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back if I have been invited to an Assessment Centre?
Does anyone know what the Assessment Centre consists of and for how long?


Is anyone else in a similiar situation to essam86? 6 weeks seems an awful long time!