Ageas Telephone Interview


Hi there,

I have recently been selected for a telephone interview by Ageas (formally, Fortis)

Would love to know what the questions will be. If anyone could give me some help it would be much appreciated!

Best Regards


I have mine today.

What time is yours?

Have you had it already?

What did they ask you?


Just had mine.

It went fine.

I had a few questions about my CV and a few competency questions based on the skills required for the job (teamwork etc…)



Does anyone know anything about the assessment centre for Ageas?

I passed the telephone interview and would love any advice on it.



Hey guys anyone having a telephone interview these days?


How was your interview? Any tips?


I applied for this grad scheme and got rejected almost instantly.

Would you guys mind telling your backgrounds and what sorts of things you put in your application, as I am quite cheesed off about mine and can’t put my finger on why they didn’t consider me based on the job criteria.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have a telephone interview next week. Anyone care to share what questions they asked ?
Tom im doing a computing degree. Can’t remember what was asked in the application but yeah just say about your skills suiting the job etc


Hey there, the phone interview is quite easy. They ask you why do you apply for this job and this company, and then some competency based questions, for teamwork for exactly!!


thx for the post. am having telephone interview as well with ageas soon. can you pliz give me more clues about the ?s in addition to what you have posted.


I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve had it


personally, the phone interview left me an awful impression…


Yeah it wasnt the best. Was only 2 questions and neither was about teamwork. Apart from the usual about the company questions. The competency questions were. Tell me about a time where you had to set yourself a challenge (not including your dissertation). And the other was say a time where you had to influence a decision.
Not sure on the 2nd but i think that was it.
Anyone heard anything back after it yet ?


They asked me the same RattyRyan’s first question but a different second one, which was about “dealing with customers or give me an example how you cope with a bad customer service”.
I think it’s absurd not to accept academic example like the dissertation for a graduate programme, where the lack of work experience is usually reasonable among applicants.


Hi Guys,
Does anyone have any information on the assessment day for Ageas? Hoping to get some pre planning confidence :p. Any help will be appreciated